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Cthulhu: Death May Die

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Main problem with higher quality miniatures is that boardgamers won't pay for them, and, as an entirity, have more money than miniature enthusiasts.


However, of course, that doesn't mean you can't buy high quality miniatures separately from their rulesets, or find a company that offers both. Slumbering Oblivion has both miniatures and an upcoming game, but the miniatures are $12+ apiece, far more than a boardgamer will pay. Call of Cthulhu RPG and Strange Aeons miniature skirmish games let you supply your own miniatures. But Cthulhu Wars with resin Fenris miniatures? I don't want to know how much that would cost! ::o:

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2 minutes ago, Talae said:

Baby for scale:



If I buy this I'm going to keep it hidden, paint it when noone is around, and then volunteer to DM the next time either of my groups finishes our adventures... and lead up to a big boss fight at the end, lean over and pull this out of a box and (gently) slam it on the table.


Or maybe take the time to build a gaming table with a trap door and an elevator to have him rise up... and toss some dry ice in there with him...1

1(elevator idea stolen from typo360 at BGG forums)

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There's a youtube video of that humorously large Cthulhu and lots of other miniatures too here:




I wish the big Cthulhu didn't have all those sucker pods things all over its back and butt.  See 52 seconds in.  Reminds me of Zombicide: Invader. 


There also appears to be a more reasonably-sized Cthulhu visible at 20 seconds in.

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7 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

Wow! That baby is tiny!

Assuming the mini is 32-35mm, the baby can't be more than 25mm.



Really, the paint job on the baby's clothes are really astonishing, although I think some of the shadows and the general feel for the baby's hair aren't quite right - it feels like there's barely any hair at all.  I think the painter should try returning to that area and giving it another pass.


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comment removed because incorrect.


Happy the base game is 100.  Expected it to be more.


Unhappy that the big Cthulhu exclusive gameplay is limited to SOME people and not to be shared.  I don't need the novelty-sized Cthulhu but would like the game components.


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