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Cthulhu: Death May Die

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Received this last week and played the first scenario a couple of times this weekend.  Overall a very pleasant surprise:


A) The miniatures are amazing.  Better than I expected.  In fact the whole visual presentation is really eye-catching and impressive.


B) The game is both really easy to learn and very fun to play (so far).  I didn't know what to expect and like it a lot.   The sanity loss theme is highly engaging.  I am glad I went all-in (except for Big Boy Cthulhu, which I am happy I skipped).

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I got my copy in yesterday. The core box, KS box, and season 2. Pretty happy I did, simple and clear rules, and I had fun with a quick run of the 1st scenario. It ended badly, which is fine for a Lovecraftian thang. Actually everything was going a little too slick, thanks to a brawler and (I forget the name, the rifle guy who can attack one space away)...then the Star Spawn cleaned our clocks with no way to mitigate. I got a laugh out of it as a fitting first game. The Mythos deck, it's a son-of-a-gun.


Overall I think I still prefer Massive Darkness for a light game, the attack/defense dice thing is cool. And I feel that it's the best CMoN KS loot, because having all the extra monster types really makes MD a far better game. For Cthulhu, they kind of (by necessity) stuck to the old 'add more player options', which is cool and adds some replayability...but I prefer more varied monster types, in general.

I think I prefer it a bit over Zombicide, the insanity stuff plays well and the stress mechanic adds a nice bit of spice.

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