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Well..let keep it busy, so starting a new minis / scenery with this cute frog and it bumblebee :)

Just to change from the big muscle fighter guys or the green guy haha ( well frog skin may tend to be greenish though...)


So very first beginning..as I do usually zenithal prime on the figure..and blocked out my base shape ( this one I am going to use the water texture from Vallejo, thus the hole made in the base )



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added some base coat on that base, mix of black, white and brown.
I am using cheap paint for this..however that’s very thick paint so have to add quite a bit of water to it to get it cover the recess made by the cutter.


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last up for today ..I work a bit more on the base , wash and also started adding water texture.
started the figure as well, base color for now..., got some weird result with the dark blue from scale75 fantasy color..so I end up mix it with black leather from scale color for the frog cloths..


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5 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Out of sheer curiosity how do you find the Vallejo landscaping textured paints?   I've been fairly curious about them, hence why I ask ^_^


I can't really compare with other product since I started with Vallejo from the start ( that's also the easier brand I can get quickly and without much sending fee :D...)

Overall I am pretty happy with those, I do not have a specific room to work so starting using sand and other stuff like that, I think my wife would kill me haha seeing dirt all over the place :).

For me it 's fairly simple to apply , can be easily colored , either mixing paint or some wash over once dry, they also act as glue when wet if you put small stone etc , so well pretty cool for my use.

200ml pot , and since I am not doing huge diorama , that's plenty of product to use.

I also love their weathering wash like product, like moss, wet etc ..nice to use even on figure I think.

For now I only have and used the sandy grey, black earth and thick mud european..I also have a snow pot that wait to be used , will certainly do a snow scenery next once I am done with that frog :)


I will also add that , you can pretty much also use that as texture for whatever you need , and not just use for terrain etc..( which I did for the rock on that base, adding some sandy grey to give some rough surface )

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base update , I added my various little props elements also added some tree stuff and the water pit is now completely filled..I will have to wait a good 24 hours so I can manipulate the base without take the risk of see the water texture run away biggrin.png

Once ok, the rest will be to add couple wash / texture effect and finish to fill stuff , also couple pass of dry brush for the rocks


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Finally, going to close that project..worked on the base and teh figure , need to make a fancy picture now for show off :D..


Here the figure alone finished



The base, actually I wanted to have a more bluish / white color overall, the clear transparent was cool to see under water but not too obvious, however I make the mistake to do the coloration on the top which kind of kill the clear / transparent effect.

lesson learned , next time I will either do a pass of colored water on the bottom or simply base coat the hole with teh color I want to show through :D



and finally the guy and base tohether


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10 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

What type of foam do you use for your base?


I am really impressed with the bases you come up with!

For this one I found some so called "XPS foam"  contrary to EPS or styro foam this is usually used for wall isolation so quite hard and compact type of foam.


The advantage is that it doesn't peel that much when you start cutting it ( I recently bought a hot wire to cut it though it will be much easier to cut and shape ) and since it is quite compact I think it kinda easy to also build up some fine details with it, did not try yet though.


So I think that is something you can find maybe in any shop that sell stuff and tools for house.

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    • By R2ED
      This is from a collection of STL's I purchased through some Humble Bundle deal that popped up for $20.  I couldn't resist the deal of like 38 minis for such a decent price that looked high quality.  Only problem - I didn't have a printer.  I ended up linking up with one who I found on Insta and wow - the dude is great to work with.  I have a lot more of this frog theme to paint and I'm stoked if they all come out like this.
      This is now my FAVORITE painted mini.  I'll need to base him, but I need to do something really special for him.  Any thoughts?
      *  Taking my time to layer up was the biggest test of patience, but what a payoff!  The skin combo was VGC Goblin Skin and layered up with VGC Khaki and a little Buff added in.  Looks like...well frog skin.
      *  The eyes I saved for last, but they have a slight cheat to them in that they have little spots where the pupils are.  I didn't want to just lay white down and then dot the eye.  Instead I used an offwhite and highlighted bright white around the edges and then dotted it.  They have a great look.
      *  The backpack area has a lot of little details!  I managed to pull off a distressing to the leather backpack that I'm super happy with.  I did a fun color combo on the leather straps across the top with an orange/brown combo. Finally, the barrel at the bottom has a 4 color touch to it.  I think using a little black was a bit too much, but overall it looks like a believable wood barrel.
      *  I went a bit heavy with the metal colors, but it all seemed to tie in well. I questioned making his medallion a copper color, but after looking at it, all of the magical items (except the scroll) seem to have a tie-in with Copper.  It came out looking good.
      *  Not using washes as much and trying to darken the lines with ink or careful placement of deeper base colors worked really well.
      *  Getting the hang of my airbrush and priming.  Not a fan of all the cleanup with an airbrush, but I certainly love the even paint it lays down, the fact I'm not wasting paint cans, and the amount of paint needed is minimal.
      *  If you look at his left eye (his actual left) it has a weird little spec in the middle of the eye ball.  I somehow in layering ended up pulling the paint by adding another layer too soon and it left a divit.  Had to do some careful painting over it, but it's still there - darn it!
      *  This guy took WAY more time than I'd like it to have.  I think it's about 3 hours.  Now, the outcome is great, but I think a bit of it was looking for my next color as I didn't plan the scheme ahead.  
      *  Interesting how many layers it took for me to get an even coating on over the Badger primer.  Where the white DR ink was, it grabbed the paint better, but I wasn't too happy with how many coats it took.  3 in most cases.  5 in others.  
      *  The skin took a good deal of time to hit and I wasn't sure how to use the airbrush to do that, so I only primed, but would have liked to have green skinned him first.
      The wins FAR outweigh the misses this time.  I usually don't get to the end and smile at my work, but this little fella was not only fun to paint, but really enjoyable to look at after and just feel happy.  Lots of work, but the outcome speaks for itself.
    • By Chris Palmer
      Back in November I posted over on the Conversion WIP sub-forum about a mounted figure I was making using the Bones 4 Giant Rhinoceros Beetle and the Mudcroak Squog figure: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93699-frog-riding-beetle-conversion/
      This past week I finally got around to painting the converted figure, and I  wanted to share the results.

    • By Chris Palmer
      Back when the Bones 4 Kickstarter was running, when the Giant Rhinoceros Beetle was revealed in the Fan Favorites set, someone posted this photo of a Frog riding a Beetle to the Enthusiasm Thread, and I knew it was a conversion I would eventually want to try.  I have an extensive Frog Army, and I wanted such a figure to be a Leader or Hero for my forces. 

      I had the pieces I needed at hand; the Bones Black "Giant Rhinoceros Beetle", and my rider - for which i  had decided to use the Bones "Mudcroak" Squog figure.

      As I looked at Mudcroak, I knew I would have to separate him from his base, but I knew there was no way I could remove all those little toes from the base without damaging them.  So, right off the bat I made the decision to just remove his feet along with the base, with the plan that I would then resculpted them with greenstuff directly onto the beetle's back once I had the frog glued in place.
      Here's a test fit, with the frog held in place with blue-tac.
      That's all for right now.

    • By Neptune1999
      Matthias the Twisted was insanely fun to paint, he's definitely  one of my favorite undead models, and one of Bobby Jackson's more eerie characters. 
      Despite it being the bane to Castlevania fans everywhere, i took inspiration for the hunter from Simon off of the cover of the Castlevania 2 box art. What a game haha. Sorry for the pictures being a bit blurry, but C&C is surely appreciated. 

    • By Mutilatedlips
      Amazed that the arms glued on strong and perfectly with no help from putty. That has to be a first ever for me. 




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