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77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant WIP

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Finally getting back in the game of painting and after finishing a PC for my current group I decided I just had to start working on Ma'al.  Here is the progress so far.


Blocking out the base color to start thinking. Goodbye Olive Green bottle, you had just enough to get through this. You can also see the back of the PC mini I painted for my group for scale.



Last work tonight was putting the base on two other heads to start ordering the colors around after highlighting up on the olive green section.IMG_6616.thumb.JPG.f29e434ad1e11525fcbec807e5724a4c.JPG


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22 hours ago, Rahz said:

Makes me feel bad that mine is still in it's box... 

Great start!

haha, well I've been sitting on mine for awhile too so don't feel too bad!

More progress, placing the base coat on the wings and underbelly.



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Ma'al one I've considered taking in as well, it's just... Wow, he'd take up most of the space I have for my painting area o_O

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