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    • By Sirithiliel
      Just getting these out of the way

    • By Chaoswolf
      Another victim of my scenery/terrain binge; the bed from Bones 2.


    • By Thes Hunter
      So I have a way of grabbing some terrain items for a 'quick' paint job, and it turning out to be not so quick. See what I mean with the Bones book cases, and barrels, some cows, and the Bones 1 caskets.  
      I should have known better when I sat down to knock out just a couple of beds. Well... maybe they don't look as good as I think they do, because I know how much bleeding time I put into them, and maybe I've gotten some Stockholm syndrome towards them.
      I'll let you all decide.

      And just because, Here's a Pig to wrap in all those blankets.

      Let me know what you all think.
      Thanks for looking!
    • By Corporea
      I created this monster from a mix of bones (eyebeast, mockingbeast, harpy, nightspectre, ape demon, bed,) hands from the kingdom death phoenix, sculpey, green stuff and plasticard.  I have a WIP here.  
      This was a great deal of fun to sculpt and involved a lot of scary background music to get me in the mood.  As a kid, I had an overactive imagination, so I can completely empathize with the kid under the blankets.  I even tried to fool the monster under my bed once by dropping a pillow off the back of the bed while I made a flying leap for the lightswitch by the door!  






      Enjoy!!  C&C always welcome, and I'm happy to answer any questions.  I'll be bringing this fellow with me to Reapercon, so feel free to come pick him up and look closer!  Also, if there's anything that doesn't look right, let me know- I still have time to fiddle with it.
    • By Corporea
      First, a quick story.  While falling asleep last night, I tried to come up with a plan for the Open category at Reapercon.  The theme is horror, so I needed something suitable.  What's scary?  Hmmmn.  Something scary.  I liked Kuro's tentacle project.  Something with tentacles?  Hmmmn.  Scary... what are kids afraid of...
      I sat bolt upright in bed.  A Nightmare!  It's perfect!  I can mutilate a bunch of Bones I'll never get around to painting and make all the rest from greenstuff and sculpey.  I can use Talespinner's awesome Bones bed and make a little kid huddling under a blanket. 
      I am a bad Corporea. 

      I started with the eyebeast and squashed some sculpey around it.  the hands there are from the KD phoenix.  They're the scariest hands I own and my game came with an extra phoenix.  Perfect!  
      I also stole the wings from the harpy, the arms from the harpy and ape demon and plan to stick on the mockingbeast.  Plan is lots of eyes, tentacles, claws and teeth.  Yup.  Bad, bad Corporea.

      in progress.  See my little nightlight off to the right?  I'll be the only place where the Nightmare can't be.  I'll have painted tentacle scuttling away from it.

      I like the way the hands hover over the poor kiddie.

      I realized after taking this I was using my Halloween pencil to plot.  that's the spirit!

      more sculpting and I added in some ghostly wall.

      Not my best foray into photography and I managed to drop the whole mess onto the base after this, but I fixed it.  Plus it was only about an hour of sculpting, so totally fixable.  I'll be adding a bunch more details.  The spider/etc on the base will be done using greenstuff.  I'll make some more tentacles curling onto the bed and posts, but again, avoiding the light.
      tried to get a better pic:

      I'll be alternating this project with my diorama this weekend, but for now, must take a dinner break.  I ate donuts last night so salad today.  Sigh.     Salad.  Now that's a scary thought.
      More soon!!
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