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The next project should be a bit easier than the ships. Have brought 3 boxes of cardboard letters from Aldi. They are on sale and were part of their middle isle wedding stationery promotion. They spell "L OV E" not "F I R S T T R Y". 


The idea is to make a temple wall complex/ set of sewer walls / set of docks. 


When stacked together these are 5cm high, 20cm long and 15cm wide. I wanted some terrain that was modular, stackable, and tall enough to block line of site. Also that models could be pushed off. 


I cut and stuck the L and the E together to make a "C" shaped Dock. Greenstuff rollers (bricks, and Ancestral Recall) applied to 5mm foam stuck to the walls and floor. There will be a grate in the bottom of one wall. Painting will just be black or brown mod podge then dry brushing. I am going to try and add some vines/flock/green weathering. 


Am then going to make a series of arches out of the "O" letters. The middle of the O is the perfect size for a single based 28mm model. 


The "V" will either be a redoubt or turned into straight walls with some waste. 





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Thank you! I had been meaning to make a complex a bit like the Angkor Wat walls, so no parapet just a broad flat wall to walk on, and thought they could double up as jetties if I had steps down. 


I like using the foam but didn't think it would be robust enough to just stick the thin sections together. Am liking using the paper mache boxes as it takes all of the structural problems out of the picture. Other boxes out there include a volcano, hand/ring holder, a viking longship (a bit too big), and a mansion style house with gable roof. 

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So managed to spend some time yesterday evening applying the foam. I used the "Ancestral Recall" Greenstuff roller for some of the walls and all of the floors/roofs. Then mainly used "bricks" for the walls with some of the end pieces done with "cobblestones". 


Pictures show various configurations including using them as a set of docks, and including stacking the "C" and "L" shape blocks into a structure. 


The finished bits are 55mm high so come across as 10 to 12 foot high structures unless they are stacked up. 


Will use foam and card to create some grates and openings where I have not covered with foam. I am probably not going to do much filling as these are meant to be ruins. I will be using flock and tufts though. 


I now need to decide how to paint. I did some trials of a sandstone colour washed with brown ink but that didn't work. Will probably just go for grey with a Grey wash and keep the tone light. 






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Hopefully this shows what I am trying to put together. I probably won't highlight these now, will just add green in some of the corners for moss and algae then add flock and tufts. 






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Wow, it's amazing what you accomplished with those letters!  No one would guess the wharf's origin.   The sections look great.  And with the boats it's perfect.


 You can make some money by saying to other gamers, "I bet you I can make the pieces of this wharf spell 'LOVE'!'" :lol:

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