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Critical Role official miniatures from Steamforged Games

Balgin Stondraeg

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2 hours ago, Nunae said:

Got my minis. They're okay. Better than the pictures above, and better than the pictures in the KS updates. Some have some shiny residue in their neck areas though. Maybe it's glue, but I'll have to clean them thoroughly.

Positively surprised they got here, to Germany, so quickly.


it's probably release agent from when they removed them from the mould. In that case a soak in warm soapy water for about 10-20 minutes ought to clean them up perfectly.

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Thread-necro because this seems the most appropriate place to ask this.


I'm cleaning the mold lines off my brother's set that he got when he backed this, and he got a pretty bad set. I'm having helluva bad time with them. Whatever formula of PVC they are using sucks, because it's acting too softly when I try scraping, and too brittle when I try to cut the line off. I've resharpened my hobby knife twice today, and it's not improving things. Even tried my seam-scraper with no luck (didn't expect it to, doesn't work well on PVC models).


For anyone who bought these, what was the best method you found to clean them up?

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4 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

For anyone who bought these, what was the best method you found to clean them up?


In my experience I use a scalpel. Don't try to cut. Use it like a scraper. It generally works okay with Steamforged Miniatures. Sorry to hear you got a bad set. I haven't quite got 'round to tackling mine yet. They're still in the box for now.

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I did some of the extras a few months ago, the Pumat Sols, and while they weren't ideal, I got them cleaned up. I just cracked open the Vox Machina box today, and the material is a nightmare. Some parts behave like it is very brittle, and others like soft Bones. I'm going to give a diamond file a try on one of them, since I don't have easy access to any other sanding products or scalpels (plus, I will undoubtedly cut myself with the scalpel).


I may end up giving them a soak in something to dissolve the glue and reassemble them myself. Hard to get at some of the mold lines the way they have them put together.


EDIT: File didn't work well either. Guess it's back to trying to cut off the mold line. I'll soak one in a glue dissolving bath and see if dealing with individual pieces is easier to work with.

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