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Still taking a little break from my other projects, so I'm currently painting random Guild Ball minis, the latest being Farris, ex-knight and master blacksmith:-




Hopefully I got all the mold-lines, I did spot the one on her collar after taking these piccys.




Got her head painted.

Her face is a base of 1:1 Beastly Brown/Dwarf Skin, Brown Shade Wash and then highlights of 1:1 Beastly Brown/Dwarf Skin and 1:1:1 Beastly Brown/Dwarf Skin/Light Skin.

And her hair is Leather Brown, shaded with Brown Wash and highlighted with 2:1 Leather Brown/Bonewhite.


Next job will likely be painting the underside of her horse (he has a name but I've forgotten it) black. I meant to do that first, but forgot ::(:

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Thanks guys!



Bit stuck on other things, so this one has returned from The Cupboard Of ShameTM:-




Been working on both Farris's and Judgements (I've remembered the horses name) armour.

The steel parts are Oily Steel > Black Wash > Oily Steel > Aluminium > thinned Black Wash, the brass bits are just Brassy Brass and a Brown Wash so far, and there's also some Blacksmith Guild symbols in Artic Blue > Black Wash > Artic Blue.


Not particularly looking forward to painting more of Farris herself, not only is a lot of her difficult to reach but a lot of the detail has kinda blended together.

These PVC minis look so nice, until you try and paint them.

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Thanks everybody!

Despite my complaining it is a nice mini.



Finished up the brass bits with layers of Brassy Brass and Polished Gold, unfortunately Farris doesn't look any different so rather than have a piccy-less update here's the bits of Blacksmith terrain I've been doing at the same time:-



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Got Farris finished so I can concentrate on Judgement:-




And then I ruin it with poor photography (I think my hand was in the way of the lamp).


Gave her a shirt (Iraqi Sand > 1:2 Iraqi Sand/Off-white > Sepia Wash), trousers (Steel Grey > Brown Wash > Steel Grey > 1:1 Steel Grey/Wolf Grey), dark leather bits (1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > 1:1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red/Cork Brown) and light leather bits (Cork Brown > Brown Wash > Cork Brown > 1:1 Cork Brown/Bonewhite).

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Bit more done:-




Started painting the horse.

The tail and mane are 1:1 Stone Grey/Wolf Grey > Wolf Grey > Grey Wash, unfortunately the Grey Wash dries to exactly the same colour as the basecoat, so I'm going to need to throw a darker wash over it.

The rest of the horse is just 1:1 Wolf Grey/Off-white at the moment.


I also found quite a few moldlines on the horses legs ::(: but at this stage I'm just going to leave them be.

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Gave the tail and mane a Dark Grey (2:1 Grey/Black) Wash, and finished off the horses fur(?) with highlights of 1:1 Wolf Grey/Off-white, 1:3 Wolf Grey/Off-white and Off-white with two brushtipfuls of the previous layer, finally I gave it a thinned coat of Grey Wash.


Then I painted the horses dress. It's based with Blood Red (so many layers...), shaded with Scarlett Red mixed with a brushtipful of Pure Black, highlighted with 1:1 Blood Red/Pale Yellow and glazed with thinned Blood Red.

The trim and Guild symbol is based in Magic Blue, shaded with 1:1 Night Blue/Magic Blue and highlighted with 1:2:1 Magic Blue/Andrea Blue/Sky Blue.

I then knocked the highlight back a bit with thinned Magic Blue, darkened the Guild symbol with some Black Wash and edged the trim with it too.


Just all the straps left. 

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Painted up the straps (1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red/Iraqi Sand > glaze of thinned 1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red) with Bronze buckles.


Now waiting for the varnish to dry so I can do the base.

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