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Dark Elf Ranger Flat


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I really like this figure, painting it was a learning experience. The desert version you did previously conviced me to get a copy of it, I was not dissapointed.  
This iterations once again does it justice. 

Fun ideas about how to paint the flat next time: 
-  Invisible cloak
-  Light comming from down to up.
-  Dark forest with tiny mots of light piercing the canopy. (I tried to do this on mine but I did not fully commit, so I just changed it into subtle shades of the cloak)

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Changing light direction is already on the table. Light coming up from a pit or something...


Dappled sunlight is also a possibility. The trick is to make it obvious to the viewer that it's light filtering through trees and not an irregular pattern on the figure (camo f'rinstance). It might require the piece to be set against a painted background versus a piece of black felt.


Not sure how to paint something that's invisible. Maybe Anne will create a special paint...?

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