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Yeti - 4 of 'em in Bones

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Nicely done.


Has the Bones version of the Chieftain been released for retail?  I couldn't find him in the store.

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The chieftain is in the previews gallery along with the torture sets (looks like they slpit them in two), so I'd assume they will be released soon.


OOH, just clicked on the image, says it's a July Release.

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retail date change

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    • By Ludo
      Per Izzy,
      If you picked up either of the Art Books in the Bones III and IV kick-starters and would like to get them autographed, be sure to bring them with you to ReaperCon. Izzy will be signing them when time allows. 
    • By BananeDC
      Hop, here we go !







      Succubi (nude) :
    • By Evilhalfling
      Yeti Attacks! -  I ordered doubles from the KS. 
      The two painted brown were some of the first mins from Bones3 I painted, as I had recently started a Starwars game and my PC was an alien Jedi based on a sasquatch - I don't remember the actual race name, It was a background character in Jabbas Lair,  but a Jedi version did have a spot in a comic version. 
      I resculpted his face, lengthening the face and adding a belt and lightsaber. 
      The blue and white Yetis I developed to teach minispawn about wash, drybrush and then adding details.  Her version is in the lower right.
      They came out quick and fun, and so I added some quick shadow/highlight ideas that came from my baroque experiment. 
      They all painted up quickly - the four in the final photo were all painted yesterday and today - probably less than an hour each, not including drying time between coats. 

    • By Bane Of Humanity
      I didnt do too much detail on these guys.  I was mostly just using up paint that I had mixed for my goblins.  Im not entirely a fan of these guys but I figured Id paint them up anyone for a Tundra themed campaign Im working on.




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