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Talae Upgrades His Office/Hobby Space


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6 hours ago, Maglok said:

Very nice. Some things:

  • I think we can all agree the plural of Kallax is Kallaxi, it is just too bad broccoli.
  • Where... do you put your legs? That desk looks a bit cramped in the leg department. :P
  • Those paintholder rack thingies, wtf are those! Need!
  • You might be nearing the 'too much stuff' threshold. :P

1) Kallaxi seemed right.


2) I was torn on how to install the countertop. More leg space means less easy access to the top drawers. I split the difference.


If it ends up being terrible, I can move the drawers back further or maybe install a sub top.


3) The paint racks are nail polish display racks from Amazon.


4) Too much stuff?!? Inconceivable! 

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I still have to set up my painting area each time I want to paint and then store it away again.

So I'm already a bit jealous at people with a dedicated painting area, let alone such a beautifully organized one!


it looks awesome!

One day I hope to get a dedicated painting area myself.

There is hope, youngest vixen and her boyfriend reached their one year anniversary last week.



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So, last week this happened (due to a sale and a discount code):




Today I received the order. So far I have dry fitted and started gluing the universal rack.



Next up will be the dropper bottle racks. Then the Great Paint Organization of 2019 can begin.

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2 hours ago, TGP said:


 Browns, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Purples, Blacks (in vertical columns by color categories)



Least frequently used (within color categories)





Most frequently used (within color categories)


Saving this quote for reference.



Also this (help from Google):



Edited by Talae
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Universal rack built with a slight error due to not following instructions. It shouldn't impact stability or anything.




Note that the lowest "wall" was not the right one and instead sticks out on the bottom of the rack by a little bit. I could chisel it off and sand it, but I honestly don't think it will be an issue.


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I have now opened the other package with the four reverse dropper racks. They actually look like they will be easier to assemble than the other one. 




At some point I need to admit to myself that my office is a disaster and needs to be cleaned up before (or at least during) this process.


Good thing I took the day off (*cough cough, sick*).

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Last fall when I organised all my paints I sorted them by colour and by type. So inks, washes, metallics and additives were seperated . Then I looked at which colours had the most shades and where they would fit on my 2 racks keeping them in a row. One rack had 12 spots per row the other 10. Then I just started putting them in starting with the bigger groups (green, blue and brown for me). Once they were in I started filling the left over spaces with other colours just by what fit. I didn't worry about placing more used colours at the top or bottom because they are all within arms reach. The one rack is just far enough away I have to move 6" to grab from it. I got long arms. I did keep the various skin triads together although now that I have almost all of them I mix between triads more often then just using one. Makes for a lot of beige shades. I mixed in all of my paints from different companies without worrying about anything except colour and shade. Kind of scared of the thought of adding new paints because then I'll have to shift and reorganise the whole thing again.

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That is really helpful! Thanks!



Here is a before image (sorry for the angle, I forgot to take a before pic and this one is cropped from an older pic of my office):



I started sorting by color:

Reds and yellows:






Other stuff loosely sorted on the racks:



Those are:



Skin tones




Then the far right rack is:

The NMM paints I am uncertain of how to sort


Clears (these might either start or end the rows for colors)

And then two rows of special edition paints.


This doesn't include duplicates or sample paints...or about 20 or so others.

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18 minutes ago, Zink said:

Your temporary mess looks a lot like my permanent one. I clean my table up every 2-3 weeks and within a week it looks like that again.

Lol. I cropped out most of it. Things look like an episode of hoarders around here...

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    • By insaniak
      StackaRack is a customisable plastic rack for miniature paints, designed to hold pots or bottles from any of the major manufacturers.

      Paint collections have a way of growing organically, and most of the current paint rack solutions out there are fixed to specific configurations, and made for a specific type of paint pot. If you're like me, and collect multiple brands of paint, that can make organising them a little frustrating, and so we thought we would try to fix that.

      StackaRack was designed to hold any of the major miniature paint ranges - from the dropper bottles used by Vallejo and Army Painter, to the tall pots from the likes of Privateer and Reaper (and GW's old range), and the current stubby Citadel pots. The injection moulded plastic parts will fit together with plastic clips, allowing you to build it how you like, and disassemble and reconfigure it as needed.
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      Wasn't the hardest thing in the world, but honestly I might try another method if I do this again.  Right now the units are loose, probably going to lean them on the wall--eventually I would put supports on the backs so they can stand up at an angle (think picture frames).  The insane super duper bonus feature is that I can put the two together and transport, or more importantly, SHAKE all my paints at once!  The main purpose was organization though and being able to see each of my paints and, when I've organized and sorted them, see the spectrum at a glance rather than digging through a drawer as I have been doing.  For the chromophiles out there I'll post pics when they're sorted and in their proper places.
      To make them, I sized the bottles and figured out the hole size and spacing (bottles are about 1" diameter, I used a 1 1/8" hole saw (paddle bit blew out the back side) and drilled 102 holes (sandwiched the 3/4" boards together).  It took hours as my drills' batteries kept dying and the saw lost its good edge by the 60th holes or so.  I used the "holes" I drilled out as supports (had to chisel the middle supports in half) between the silver parts and the 5mm (yes, civilized world, in the US we know how to use proper/metric, and certain sizes of wood are specified in metric!) plywood base (black, not really visible).  I carefully glued and screwed these together.  Decided to use up some spray paint I had lying around.  Enjoy and be inspired!

    • By Rob Dean
      I expect that most of us are painting as a break from busy lives. I’m interested in knowing how much painting time people find, regular or binges, time of day, and if
      you’ve had any success in finding more...
      Personally, I tend to paint in blocks of several hours on weekend days when I
      can, which isn’t that often. I’ve long tracked painting completions (since ‘95 continuously now), but not how often or how long I spent painting. I started a habit tracker this month to see, inspired by my brother who set a goal of 30 minutes a day. So far it’s been an unimpressive 5 of 11 days. At home I do most of the painting between breakfast and lunch, which is often quiet time on the weekends because my SO is able to sleep in and I am not. 
      My best found time technique is to have a second paint set at work, and paint at lunch if there isn’t a work crisis. 
    • By Al Capwn
      So my hobby space was getting cluttered; I had multiple sizes of paint/hobby bottles. Now, I could buy a pre-made organizer, but what would be the fun in that! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - lets step into the workshop and remedy this issue...
      Step One: Come up with the battle plan.
      This space here needs to be hold an organizer. As you can see, I have larger bottles (Vallejo specials/Daler Rowney Inks), Tamiya Clears, GW pots, and the standard dropper bottle fair.

      Step Two: Find some scrap material to work with.
      I grabbed a piece of 3/4" Oak plywood I had lying around and took some measurements to see if it was a good candidate.

      Step Three: Get to work!
      I tossed in on my cross-cut sled on the tablesaw, marked the line (and always mark your waste/outside cut line to prevent confusion) and cut it down to size.

      This humble 2x4 will serve as the sides and shelf frames for the storage unit...

      I take it to the jointer to get a flat face and edge and we clean up the other side on the planer and the tablesaw.

      Then to the bandsaw to resaw the board. Resawing is cutting a board's thickness in half.

      Ta-da! Two halves ready to be used!

      Here are a few bottles to take as a means of reference to measure the shelf sizes needed.

      Getting a general idea of the shelf layout.

      Gluing up and tacking the shelves in place, adding in the trim to the front of the shelves to match the sides...

      All glued up and ready for sanding and a final seal coat!

      Sanded and a couple coats of Danish Oil later we have our hobby organizer!

      Have you constructed something for your hobby battlestations or otherwise? Foam? 3D printed? Welded? Any other DIY'er that have taken the plunge into focusing that into their painting hobby? Super-sized something from IKEA? Let me know!
    • By Rahz
      So after finding myself working at my computer desk or gaming table (or on my lap) due to lack of space at my actual hobby table, I decided it was time to do some cleaning so I could go back to just sitting down and painting instead of spending time moving/balancing paints and partially completed project, which doesn’t inspire much creativity.  

      an older picture back from when the painting table was usable...  the airbrush is in the unfinished part of the basement, with the hood properly vented to the outside.  
      TV was moved onto a cobbled-together platform I made with scrap wood onto the desk.  Some Ikea Besta frames were added to the walls next to my computer table and above the painting table.
      Content is not final as I need to sort out all my storage and display space, but it’s getting knickknacks off both desks for the moment. 

      Unfinished projects or works in progress will go into the unit above the desk, freeing up space for whatever I’m tackling at the moment. 

       I might put some lights under the unit, but the ikea ones make pretty yellow light.  Will have to find a better alternative.  
      Next up will be a drawer unit under the desk that will hopefully welcome the various paints, materials and things spread everywhere.   
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