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D&D Party - 1 year later (Pic Heavy)

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35 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

I think you should have given the Warlock the staff from his Anthromorph incarnation. It's a much more impressive staff. 

It is.  What's funny though is since I finished his mini, he died and his contract got traded to a Celestial being who brought him back to life.  So now we're in need of a new, less death and destruction mini.

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    • By Iridil
      This figure is for a player character in one of the campaigns I play in. The player gave me the figure and asked for black and browns and very sallow skin. The character is a warlock bound to the King in Yellow. 

    • By cakira21
      Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian. Reaper Item # 03724.  Cork and flocking on a hex base. Heavy clear coat for some table top action.

    • By James-
      Take it easy on me, this is just my seventh mini to paint with three of them being a set of identical orcs. First time trying green stuff any tips for improvements or things you think I did well would be much appreciated. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn't.
      This is Archon the Aasimar Warlock and his familiar (which has yet to be named). He was taken as a youth by a fiend for his celestial blood. On the brink of corruption he was rescued by a paladin of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen then took over his pact and he now serves her hunting those who would defy the natural process of death.

    • By eldamir
      He's just another grumpy old elf who sold his soul to the devil.
      Today, he's grumpy because his favorite scroll looks like it has blood splatters instead of the runes he thought he put on it last week and his staff is bent..

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      Final pics of my most recent commission piece "Daylor Incandenza" the Elf fighter to be used by a friend of the client who commissioned me in their upcoming pathfinder game.
      I was given some guidelines and requests to be more customized:
      1) Fall Color scheme
      2) Basing as dungeon
      3) Tabletop+ for use at the table and display when not played with
      4) Seal nicely (sealed 3x)
      5) Swap dagger for a longsword
      Figure: Elladan, Elf
      Manufacturer: Reaper SKU #02543
      Material: Metal
      Sculptor: Werner Klocke
      WIP Thread
      Anyhow, here we go. C&C are welcomed and appreciated!

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