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Getting To Know You July


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On 7/21/2018 at 6:37 PM, Cranky Dog said:

Hmm, I'd be going to Reapercon (*only* 3250+ km, or ~2000 miles), and I'd ride with @canuckotter and @Metalchaos. Mostly because they're closest to my current address and I lived in both of their cities, so we have some things in common already. At my previous address, it would've been Buglips and Jasper the 2nd.


If anyone can drive manual, they're free to use my car (2008 Honda Fit, surprisingly roomy). Otherwise, I'm driving. Shotgun or in the back doesn't matter. Music doesn't matter as I usually listen to CBC radio or podcasts, so they'll be supplying anything else. Snacks will be of the salty/crunchy nature first, anything else comes second. Expect coffee for the longer stretches.

w00t! I'm in! ::D: And I love driving manual! 

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