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Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

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That Quetzalcoatl lingering at $110k looks insane! Wish I could afford it!

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Duncan plays Salamanders as an allied force in his main Kings of War army. (He has a weird army - Brotherhood and Salamanders.... Care to guess which edition of which game brought him into fantasy gaming? ::P: )


These are pretty danged sweet.


The Auld Grump

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12 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:




Whoa, one of those turtle hunters is holding a dino leg. If I had anything left of my hobby budget I'd be lobbing cash at this.


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The turtle with the leg and the chameleon guy are tempting. Wish they had a smaller, and therefore cheaper, coatl.

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5 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Ooooh, those look nice. 


Nobody tell @Glitterwolf, because I can already hear their wallet running for cover... :p



Ok, seriously!

I want to pledge for this, this is too much!

It has so many awesome dino/reptile stuff and it is aztec/mayan style which fits my Lost World.

That hero on facebook even holds a Conquistadore victim.

This is perfect for me.


If I pledge I will go in heavy!


One question though before I do.


Does anyone have experiences with this company?

Are they reliable as far as we know?


to quote Queen:




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45 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Does anyone have experiences with this company?

Are they reliable as far as we know?


Not familiar with this company.

They state this is their second crowdfunding campaign, but it's unclear if that was under a different creators name or if it was on a site other than kickstarter.


If you can find that first project the comments section should be a good indicator.

It does sound like they were burned by including shipping costs in the first project. This time shipping costs will be calculated and charged after the kickstarter ends, so that's a good sign.


There's a lot of talented artists and sculptors in Spain, but I'm not very familiar with any of them except for Gamezone.

The sculpts kind of remind me of their style. I wouldn't be surprised if they were using some of the same sculptors.

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Thx Darsc!

If ayone knows more please share.


After cooling down a little...I'm pondering about what to pledge.

I could either go for the big one and a few addons or start small and take my pick.


The difference is with the big pledge I get a lot of freebies ( if unlocked) which I otherwise would pledge for separately.

On the other hand I would get a lot of infantry core troops which I don't really need ( although I wouldn't mind painting those either).

I would go in for the flyers, knights, monsters, heroes and stuff like that.


The Quetzacoatl is a thing I'm not sure about.


  • Price - steep, but probably worth it given it's size and it is resin. I can afford it, but should I?
  • Resin, such a big miniature, what if it falls/breaks? It has me worried
  • Size. 50 cm high...that's big, maybe even too big to show it off somewhere. I might not have the room and need to store it, hence my former fear of breaking etc.
  • All in all a beauty, this time I would love to see a smaller version of it.

Again, If anyone has info about their first project, please share.

Darn, I want that hero holding a conquistadore victim!


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