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Hi all,


These are two figures I had left unpainted from the 80s, though they may be late 70s models. These too, seem to suffer from a shinyness once I seal them. They were fairly quick (for me) paints, but I have a nostalgic feel for these guys. I think they are Grenadier - but not sure, and I had filed down the bottoms (!). I painted them up as followers for one of the characters in the campaign I DM.







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Yuppers. Dem's Fightin' Men, all right. 

I remember when you could look at a D&D mini and tie it to a specific historical era... because all your old D&D fighter minis were basically just historicals...

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    • By Chaoswolf
      I just finished painting this figure yesterday. It's from the old Grenadier boxed set 'Fighting Men' #2005. Not really a whole lot to say about him, I spent about 3 hours painting him to a good tabletop level. I got a little burned out on painting for a while, feeling like I had to paint everything to a competition level. Well, sometimes it's just fun to slap some paint on a figure in a few hours just to take your mind off of other things. I had just forgotten that somewhere along the way.
      Anyhow, here he is, let me know what you think.



    • By Carnacki the Ghost Finder
      When I first started perusing these forums I was really taken by this post:
      and have been wanting to do something along those lines, although not those techniques. I have been too focused on individual miniatures lately and this helped me to think in terms of groups. It was fun to think of them as a team with some similar colors but not all painted the same. I also decided to not think too much about it as I was doing it -- just use whatever colors I felt like at any given moment. So sometimes metallics, sometimes NMM. A purple helmet? Hey, why not? Not worrying too much about it, just letting things happen by accident. Kind of shambolic but relaxing. EDIT: Click on the pix for detailed shots. First, some background music:

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