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Tanith the Feral Song invades WhiteWulfe's desk!

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Sure, I definitely feel like I already have enough WIP threads going, but at the same time hubby did ask me to work on this one for him, so why not.  For some reason I was rather excited he asked me to paint her for him (he's painting the rest of his Circle Orboros Battlegroup Box (PIP 72094))...  I blame her cape.  It's a rather interesting looking one, filled with all sorts of details.  Staff is quite nice too ^_^


^So here is where things start.  Yup, it isn't the prettiest of jobs for gluing, especially where that staff meets the shoulder.  It just wouldn't stick when I put it together, and I think at the time I didn't have my pinning stuff yet.  Could be wrong, but for now that's the story I'm sticking with! ::P:



^While it was tempting to try and sculpt something, given she's already glued down, I figured I'd use a mix I had made up ages ago of various grades of what I think was Woodland Scenics ballast because it's quick, easy, convenient, and the grains are all sized slightly differently....  And that add a bit more later on, be it rocks and/or various bushes or whatever.


Right off the bat I'm going to say this: I so didn't get all of the seams, and I'm more or less okay with such.  Sadly, a lot of them are in really odd places (who puts a seam in the middle of several cloak folds?)



^How things look now.  Ahhh, Grey Liner, you're ever so useful it seems.  It's pretty much become my go-to for priming, and I love how the colours seem to be somewhat different as they set along the various parts of the mini.


I do understand that having fully assembled her things will be difficult, but it was originally a mini hubby was going to paint, and he asked she be assembled...  So I'm taking it as a challenge to undertake now, yes, let's go with that one! :devil:  Going to be letting the liner dry and fully set/cure/whateverit'scalled and am hoping to spend a bit of time every night on her this week!

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So, first and foremost, I was trying to take in between pics, but after a while I got tired of moving back and forth from one part of my desk to the other - this probably kicked in right around the part where I almost rolled over my toes, and decided risking/tempting the fates wasn't a good idea! :P  Anyways, some painting occurred, even if it wasn't quiiiite to my original plan!


Paints used today:

9037 Pure Black

9217 Magma Red

9218 Lava Orange

9401 Dragon Red

9405 Volcanic Orange

9408 Candlelight Yellow

9437 Dragon Black

9439 Dragon White

29805 Burning Orange

...I think that's all of them >.>;;;;;


So, first and foremost, did a quick wash of the base with thinned down Pure Black.  This was to fill out any areas I missed, and of course, help get the shadows to actually be black, instead of, y'know, dark grey!  No pics of such, because that's boring! ::P:



^So first up was the base layer for the orange, which was a combination of Volcanic Orange and Candlelight Yellow, I believe it was 2:1 for the ratio...  Then shadows were started with a combination of Burning Orange and Dragon Red, at least for the first layer.  Totally forgot what the second and third layers entailed, but I suspect Dragon Black was brought in, with things getting steadily darker.


Second pic is also kind of somewhat of a reference for myself as to potentially how I'll be doing the lighting on her...  Why the light this way?  There's just something about that cape, and wanting to showcase it....



^Then various combinations of Lava Orange, Magma Orange, and Dragon White were brought in for the brighter layers...



Original idea was to have the staff tips look almost like they were charged with some sort of fiery essence or such...  For now, I'll leave things as is and work out the rest of things, and then come back, even though I'm getting this feeling that after a glaze to gently smooth things over somewhat that if I went with some sort of "arcing" effect made with a reddish orange could add to such, and provide more of what I was looking to do....  But I'll think on it, as I want to see where the rest of the mini goes first.  She is, according to Privateer Press' fluff, rather hot headed, so I figured why not.  Hubby also wants her to stand out somewhat, and not totally blend in with his wuffies, so there's that too ^_^


In truth, I would have kept going on her, but given how little sleep I got last night, I'm turning in now, so that way i can actually get a decent amount of sleep tonight.  Something about driving as one's day job and how sleep is kind of a requirement!   Silly real life interfering with hobbies! :rolleyes:

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Additional progress!  Had a few thoughts about the tips on her spear, but for now I figured I'd try and work out precisely what my game plan was with her cloak, given how prominent it is. 


Colours used today:

9231 Heather Blue

9417 Void Blue



^So, started out by putting Heather Blue down, mainly with the goal of having something other than grey liner to work off of... 



^And then, once things have dried (and my eyes weren't so crossed!) on goes the Void Blue.  I was kind of aiming for a nice kind of deep blue to work with, so I'm already happy with where things are...  Just a case of working further with it so it can seem like it would blend into forestry, but also accentuate her apparent aggressiveness (as per fluff - aggression and blending in don't always go hand in hand) ^_^


Might be another update or two on her today, since painting her is helping me get through the headache of dealing with this ancient board I'm trying to bench that just doesn't like Win7 USB drive installs... 

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Bit more of an update, with more work on the cloak, whee!


Paints used:

9404 Cinnamon Red

9437 Dragon Black

9438 Tempest Grey

29819 Twilight Purple

29841 Witchcraft Purple

29854 Arctic Grey



^ Colours are closer to how they are in reality according to the first pic, I just wanted to showcase things with a different angle as well - no shading has been done, that's just natural shadows >.>;;;;


Anyways!  Let's start with the metallic edge thingies... whatever they're called.  Started with Arctic Grey as a base, and then added two layers of Witchcraft Purple, then two layers of Twilight purple since it just felt "too pink".  No, seriously, it was like this odd mix of baby pink and hot pink, so I .. Yeah, it just didn't feel right to me :P


Next up was the stitching, which I couldn't quite think of what to go with...  Until i went "ooh, that sounds nice" and went with Cinnamon Red.  Uhhh...  Nope, toooooo bright, and it kind of clashed, but I think decided to take some Cinnamon Red, Dragon Black, and Tempest Grey, mixed that up, and it darkened it most of the way, making me happy enough....  Then I added in what I suspect would be something along the lines of a wash made of Dragon Black into the seams of where all the bits of cloth meet up...  well, at least on the topside, I haven't done any work on the stitching on the bottom of the cloak, and since it will be mostly concealed from regular view, I suspect will remain as such (aka it will get some work, but not a lot)



Next up I suspect will be additional work on the cloak, since I want to get various layers going, as well as add some additional interest to things so it isn't quite so strikingly..... blue.....  Or at least monotone blue!

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Started working on the shadows for the cape...  Kind of roughed in, but still, I'm more or less happy with them, as layering is a skill I know I still need a good amount of work on before I'm thoroughly happy with it's level....



^So first and foremost, we have the top of the cloak, cape, whatever one wants to call it.



^And attempts at taking pictures of the underside.  I totally forgot to do the middle tones, hence why the shadows are sooooooo much more obvious on the underside >.>;;;;


I have this odd feeling that I should do some shading along the stitches, but haven't quite thought that far out yet, truth be told ^_^;;;;


That's it for now!   ....Oh, and if it counts, I did manage to get that setup I was trying to bench actually up and running...  Not with the operating system I wanted, but I'll live.  It's at least XP, which counts for something :P

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Update time, wheee!  Man that was a long heat wave o_O


Today's colours!

9404 Cinnamon Red (steadily becoming a favourite of mine....)

9423 Styx Purple

9437 Dragon Black

9439 Dragon White

29805 Burning Orange (I'm really really REALLY going to miss this colour when it's gone....  It's my favourite Reaper orange so far...)




Started working on the cloth with Cinnamon Red, but something didn't quite feel right as it felt just too darn bright after two layers...  Even more so once I went over it with the same 2:1 Burning Orange:Cinnamon Red wash I made up for the weapon's "blades"...  So I made a different kind of "like a wash" wash with 3:1 Dragon Black to Dragon White, and that subdued things... more than I was planning *laughs nervously*  I'll figure it out some more later on, but for now I really REALLY need to sit down and figure out just what my plans are for her armour, because I keep drawing blanks.


Oh right, Styx Purple was used on the metal end thingies on her cloak to make it noticeably less pink, and more a shade hubby likes :P  It also went down as the base coat for the initial metal decorations on the staff, which will soon be seeing Sparkling Amethyst added on...

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Lovely work! I really like the PP models but yeah they put mold lines in the weirdest places sometimes. Pretty sure they have at least one prominent model that has a mold line right through the center of the face.

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11 hours ago, Gargs said:

Lovely work! I really like the PP models but yeah they put mold lines in the weirdest places sometimes. Pretty sure they have at least one prominent model that has a mold line right through the center of the face.

Ohhhh yeah, the warp wolf that came in the same box was... Creative language was used, that much is certain. 


Really do wish I could figure out a colour scheme for her Armour, as that's the next thing I'm basing out.  There's obvious leather bits, but it's the embellishments that at the moment stump me... But I'm hoping to get her done up eventually alongside several other models. ^_^;;;;

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On 8/27/2018 at 8:50 AM, giyomuSan said:

super awesome, your blue tone on the cloak are really nice.

Many thanks!  My main goal is to come up with a relatively smooth transition to her cloak, and it's....  Challenging, but something I'm giving a shot.  Biggest issue is figuring out my primary plan for the stitching, which is allll over the place! o_O



So, yeah... Been a while since I've done any work on her, and last night an idea finally came to mind about something to try out for colours, and I'm happy...  Some parts of her armour I'm going to go with a combination of 9410 Dragon Green, with 9423 Styx Purple as the accent...  At least for base coats, we shall see where highlights and shadows wind up going, but it's at least progress, right?! ^_^;;;;




So my initial approach has been on her "shin guards" (there's probably a technical term for it, but I don't really know much regarding armour beyond "it protects you")...  I would have gone further with things, but man was I tired last night, and I decided that once the first layers were on that nope, I'm getting sleep...  Hence why the pictures happened today - Dual I.S.2 on my camera is great and all, but even that can't do much for taking a nice picture if you're practically falling over while trying to take it!  (It could make for some smooth, albeit painful video though....)


I also added in some more colour to the "claw hooks" on her staff, as well as along the inner part of the weaponized portion...  Not quite sure what that inner metal part will be just yet.  Kind of feels odd in a way to be painting green on a mini that was green before liner went all over it, but that's life.  Most importantly though is that hubby likes the direction this is going, as do I!


More to come, hopefully soon!

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Minor update for Tanith.  I'm still working on figuring out her colours, but something just didn't feel right about her cloak hood to me, so......  A mixture of Succubus Kiss and Punk Rock Pink later, and we have...




Apologies for the odd exposures, cameraphone really didn't want to cooperate tonight.


I much prefer this shade for her cloak ^_^

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