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Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

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Hi, so I am starting that scene that I had in mind..( still working at finishing my last Wizkids monk figure by the way ).


All Reaper minis, finally I can get to what I received couple week ago :D


Beastman Champion : 77254

Crusader Champion : 77550

Sigurd Viking : 77399

Ogre Clubber : 77454


Those are the 4 protagonist of that scene.


I set my size to be 190mm x 19mm x 200mm , just so I can fit that later in the display box I can get here.


Though this is not set in stone regarding the environment , I certainly going to go for a rocky / snowy landscape.


for now I just put my set in place for the overall position of each figure.




This is going to be a long project I think :D but hopefully end up well !

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Just looking at what you intend to do I think there is way to much space. The miniatures are going to appear isolated and unconnected in a space that large. A diorama or vignette should tell a story, and it should tell it without intervention from the creator.  Granted everything is just roughed in right now, but I don't know what your story is with the elements that isolated from one another.

There are a number of threads on building dioramas, you might take a quick read through those.


Here is one of them: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68535-some-thoughts-on-dioramas/&tab=comments#comment-1357297


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thanks for the advice about spacing, I started layout my shape and I think they are much closer now in order to fit in my target volume.


just cutted some foam and glue that , I wil, start shape that once the glue fix the 2 platforms.



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13 minutes ago, Heisler said:

I'm looking at that base and thinking its still way to big. The one figure on the pillar on the right is completely isolated from the action, he doesn't add anything to the story at this point.


I have to agree.  I really like the stair and how it flows with the two on the lower level, but the second pillar looks weird all by itself.  What about shortening that second pillar and making it more integral with the stair platform?



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.. A hanging bridge (dont know if thats the right word) between the two pillars.. 


.. Wrote while you where posting the pictures.. 

I like the bricks and arch! 

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I think that is better, the large size of the base is forcing you to fill areas that you may not really want to spend time on. However, taking what you have there and moving the figure that was on the far right to coming through the arch might be more effective than just adding something else.


I just made a post in another diorama thread that I thought I would just repeat (literally, cut and paste)


Space is the most difficult part of a diorama to deal with, followed immediately by how many minis should be used. Remember that you are trying to tell a story to the viewer. Your goal is that the viewer will know and understand the story you are telling simply by looking at the diorama.


Let's take a look at one of mine that is moderately successful:



This one is simply titled Shopping. It tells a good story, in other words the viewer knows what's going on without any interaction with me. Where this one fails is that its on to big a base. I could have done it on a base half the size and achieved the same thing. Other than giving a feeling that the street is basically deserted the large base adds nothing to the story. This is the situation I see with yours. You won't need much of a sand wake to establish that the worm is moving, hinting is all you need to do to establish that.


This tighter shot is what I should have been shooting for. Using a camera and really tightening up what you see in the view finder is a good way to determine the size of the diorama.


When you are dealing with how many minis to use I have a couple of rules of thumb.

1) Go with an odd number, for what ever reason our minds like odd numbers they look more natural.

2) Grab all the figures you think you want to use. Arrange them on your base. Now remove figures one by one until your story falls apart, put the last mini back and that's how many you should use.

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