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If you are playing gloomhaven or plan to and do not want to be spoiled to the unlocked classes stop reading here. This is the class with the sun icon Last warning to avoid spoilers.




Just finished up the Sunkeeper for Gloomhaven, I think I'm gradually overcoming my fear of highlighting. As always, C&C greatly appreciated for things to do better next time or general tips.

Work Process (as far as I can remember)

Primed in white, followed up with gunmetal grey over most of the figure, except for obvious cloth, highlighted some of the armor with chrome, detailed the clothes, then added royal gold for the gold, washed straight black for the crevices in the armor, followed up with aztec gold, gradually mixed with lemon yellow, then a hansa yellow transparent for the final highlight. Cloak and cloth were in there somewhere with crimson to scarlet to pink, washed dark red and blended. Hair was pretty much just white washed black highlighted white. Face went through a ton of phases but mostly caucasian fleshtone mixed with pink and a touch of burnt sienna, dropped the sienna when highlighting.


Cobbles on the base were greenstuff'd then used matt gel with some burnt umber for dirt, scattered pebbles and grass, after set followed up with some matte varnish and a touch of gloss on the cobbles.


WIP here:





Harsh Lighting



Soft Lighting






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    • By ThirstyBob
      This is the unlocked class with the Sun icon. If you do not want spoilers stop reading now.

      I was wanting some c&c, if I could get it, on several areas. The mouth and the base are the main ones, so if anyone has any critique for those that would be helpful. I'm also thinking of highlighting the gold armor a bit more, any thoughts?

    • By Unit04
      I wound up Kickstarting the 2nd go of Gloomhaven because of all the good buzz it was getting and I managed to get a group together with Fanguad, myself and a couple others.  Fanguad convinced me that painted minis would look better than grey plastic, so I gave it a go and here are the starting 6 figures.  I used their portrait on their player card as a starting point, but I did diverge a bit with each one.  I tried to incorporate the color of their character cards into their figures (for instance, I gave the Inox Brute a light blue fur cloak, instead of a more traditional color) and their bases to help distinguish them better on the board.  However, Cephalofair Games didn't make it easy.  Out of the starting 6 characters, two were shades of green, two were shades of blue, one was purple and one was brown.
      Another thing to note is that all of their eyes (except the Tinkerer, who has goggles) were depicted as glowing.  This came out a bit better on some models then others, but since Fanguad plays the Human Scoundrel anyway, he can re-paint it or just suffer through my paint job!
      The figures are Inox Brute, Quatryl Tinkerer, Orchid Spellweaver, Savvas Cragheart, Vermling Mindthief and Human Scoundrel.

    • By ThirstyBob
      The first 6 gloomhaven characters.

      Sorry about the double topic, site was taking forever I might have clicked submit twice. I can't see a way to delete the other?
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