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Dread Wolves - 77533

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These are the dread wolves from the cemetery set in Bones 3. I think I might work on the rest of the cemetery set this week. I need to work on Count Lorenth of the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Contest too!

Anyway, these creepy wolves have seen better days. I'm not sure if they are undead or only mostly dead (bonus points if you get the reference) but I painted them up so that I think they will work either way. Adventurers will certainly get a nasty disease if they are bitten or scratched by one of these guys!

I painted these in my push to paint all of the toothy fluffs in my "hoard of unpainted things".








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Good ones!

Well done!


WOOF's Secret Science Lab.


*** Dr. Frankenfurter? You had something to show us?***


*** Yez, Ve have succeeded in rezureccting fallen WOOF Soldiers***


*** That sounds great, show me!***


***Vell, here we have the cages where they...wait, were are they? Some nincompoop left the cages open!!***





Also BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF!

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I like the purply red of the wounds - nicely looks old, dried putrid while still meaty (not sure I described that well...)

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