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Geomagnetic Storms


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Something to consider: storms effecting a portion of the table, in case a section spreads out all over the place. For example, split the table into quarters, and have a storm pick a new corner when the joker comes up. This would also lead to some interesting maneuvers as people try to escape the weather.


And there's always the radioactive storm, which turns infantry into mutant flesh-eating zombies. Any other infantry they close assault also become mutant zombies. mmm gotta love mutant zombie movies ... :wow:

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I like it. If you don't mind, I think I will give the severe storm option (2 Jokers) a try next Saturday for my league.

Please do!


Be sure to let me know how it turns out.


As for the rest -- this is all stuff I had considered. You should have seen the 1st draft of the EMF interference table -- it took up two sheets of notebook paper!


There have been two trimmed down versions, and this most recent version is simple enough to not throw new players for a loop. The league it's designed for is a starter league to get people playing the game who weren't sure where to begin.


I am very interested to hear what you folks end up doing with the concept, though.

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We're Gonna give it a run-through for the next 8 weeks at the FLGS using a core of mostly new players to see how it unfolds, give it a few tweaks as needed and PDF the whole bloody thing for you all to enjoy. I also hope to populate the final work with pictures taken during our actual games, to get some of the local players some press.


Look for it around the end of August.

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I've considered something similar. However, I had intended to use a 4 inch AoE template (like many of the IFM's for consistency). I would start these templates somewhere on the table (if not the center) and then roll a deviation dice and perhaps 1d10 for distance travelled. This storm or multiple storm templates would randomly move around the table at the beginning of each turn. Any unit's that got caught (even partial bases) would be affected with a -1 suppression type disadvantage to all dice rolls through the end of the entire turn sequence.


I've not used it yet because I feel it interferes with the players trying to beat eachother and I don't want an outside factor influencing games. Someday though as a "scenario" game I'll run it. I'm hesitant to do it during league or official tournament play though.

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I Love the idea!

I also like the backelors suggestion about multiple effects, but not another die Roll. Include more than just Jokers here -

OK- Add 3 extra cards to the Deck(Randomly) each turn from the following 6: 2 Jokers, 2 Deuces, 2 Threes

Joker - EM Storm, just as you detailed, no TL to next unit drawn.

Deuce - Em Storm takes movement to 1/2 for next unit because of servo malfunctions

Three - CAV Movement Drift equal to 1/4 movemnt that actuall occurred in random direction.


If two or more of these cards are drawn in a row, the next unit suffers from both/all effects.

Next round, take the 3 cards out, and shuffle the 6, add three back in.


It will slow the end phase down, but you're already going through the deck to remove dead sections and shuffle it anyway.....

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