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Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

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all or nothing option only =(


$35 for the 2 dogs i want is a way too steep, so i'm out. I'll get the 2 dogs i want at retail, providing they aren't super expensive. I just dont' want the entire pack. I only liked 2 out of the whole bunch

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Maybe? (especially if they're doing multiple minis in one tool, which would be viable since there's no picking individual items),


but they do know what they're doing with PVC as steamforged has been working with it for a while both for large stuff (the Darksouls boardgame) and smaller stuff (the Guildball teams) and clearly has access to a factory that works with them (and an ongoing relationship means less chance of spontaneous cost rises etc for them post KS)


should be a decent bet as KS projects go



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hopefully. But there is no way i'm dropping $35 to get 2 dogs i want. Disappointing, but whatever lol, i'll check back in a year or so for retail 

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I'm In! 

I might have sorted through the dogs to find the half I liked better.

but im just as happy with them all.  

The one pledge level and the 10 month wait seems realistic to me,  they are making as simple as possible to fulfill. 


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They're cute to look at and if I am ever in s position to grab one or two retail without exorbitant shipping I might get them as novelties but for the moment they don't serve any purpose and there is no real incentive to join in.


Basically,  if you want them this looks great but there is nothing to entice me to join for a lark or continue my interest in the ride.

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I've been working on finding room on the credit card to work two sets of these guys in. 


Doesn't help that shipping is right around hubby's birthday, doubly so that hubby really likes almost all of the sculpts! 

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I'm in. I definitely like some of them more than others but still think they will all be fun to paint. I just hope I can remove them from the bases. If not, oh well.

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I actually expected a higher cost on this. It is a shame there isn't an option for individual or 3-packs, instead of all-or-nothing though. 


I am contemplating this for sake of my mom - she adores doggos. 

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I like the sculpts! I am pretty impressed that they managed to make that large of a variety of dog poses while still keeping the models as one piece castings.


I get that they can't make every breed, let alone mutts, but between 13 dogs there isn't a single terrier?


I find the lack of terriers disturbing!


This must be the influence of a secret cat conspiracy.

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I'm in. :-)


I was a little worried that they were doing so well so quickly, and it's their first solo KS, but not having any stretch goals really does sort of cap their development costs. I'm looking forward to getting my doggies!


btw, if there was one additional dog I'd like to have seen it would have been a Mountain Dog. I know, they have the Saint Bernard, but a SB looks totally different, to, from any of the several Mountain Dogs, i.e. Burmese MD, Pyrenees MD, Maremma, etc. Ok, the drooping face is the main difference, but that is very distinctive . . . At least for me. Of course the fact that I have a GP has NOTHING to do with it. ::D:

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On 7/10/2018 at 9:08 AM, Beagle said:

Exactly, Beagle's are far too sophisticated to pass as barbarians


Are you sure? That grocer's apostrophe is pretty barbaric.



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Pupdate 4 - Doggie Wallpaper & The Good Mother Doggie Deity

HI all, Russ here!

Just a quick update to say we are exactly two days in and over 5,200 of the very best humans (and dogs) have joined us to make this a reality!

This is simply to say thank you, and reaffirm that as well as working on getting the project looking its absolute best, we will be sharing some fantastic snippets and other cool stuff in the coming days so stay tuned!

Once again, your support means the world to the team working with me on this and we will make you all proud!

Symbol of The Good Mother

The Good Mother - Deity of Dogs

The Good Mother may be worshipped by divine canine adventurers instead of an existing deity. Her symbol is that of a mother encircling a sleeping pup and she is the embodiment of protection, nurturing and companionship. Her followers are devoted to a strong belief in the importance and power of familial and friendship bonds, the strength found in cooperation and the enrichment of companionship. They are also fierce in their protection of those they see as their pack.

All awakened doggies know of the Good Mother. This is an instinctive understanding and memory of the nurturing they received as puppies. This well-known aspect of the Good Mother is known as She who Nurtures, and has been adopted by Clerics, Bards and some Druids.

However, as more doggies awaken, more aspects of the Good Mother are being discovered. Canine whispers of She Who Hunts or She Who Protects are slowly entering the world of dogs...

Shrines to the Good Mother

Some Doggies have come across Shrines to the Good Mother. These cannot be seen but must be sniffed out. What may appear as a normal, unassuming patch of ground to other races is a fascinating hidden way to a spiritually uplifting place of power for dogs connected to the Good Mother.

It is said that if a Doggie discovers a Shrine to the Good Mother, she may enter it by bowing, or offering a paw. Once inside this mysterious sanctuary – usually constructed of natural ma-terials and with the lingering scent of a recent litter – the doggie feels refreshed and replen-ished. If some time is spent in the shrine, concentrating on the aspect that the Doggie feels closest to, sometimes a boon is conferred. Doggies have reported their coats feeling shinier and softer, their claws sharpening, and their bite strengthening.

Sample Cleric Ability: Aspect of the Amicable
You gain the ability to cast Charm Person once per short rest. You also gain proficiency in persuasion.

Download Dungeons & Doggies Wallpaper!

I've made up some wallpaper for you to use, if you're so inclined, just thought it would be a nice way to further support the campaign in your own little way. It's available to download below:

Download here (well visit the campaign update then click here)
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      To date, after nearly 3 years of development, we are proud to present most of the miniatures that will be available during this campaign, the others are being modeled.
      Rules and profile cards have been tested (by our team and a number of seasoned Briskars players). They are currently finalized and in the process of being formatted.

      If we decide to go through a crowdfunding campaign, it's because this project can not succeed without you!
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      Achieving this goal will allow the birth of KHÂRN-ÂGES, not to end our days in the sun!
      We are counting on you all to reach it and bring the world of Safar to life...

      Proud and bellicose, they are the archetype of the warrior people, but they are far from having the same character. Their king gone crazy and paranoid after having tortured his people for too long is on the verge of being overthrown, the nobles are slipping into profit and debauchery at King-Khârns, the capital, and some, like Prince Baudry and his brave Paladins remain upright to the point of wanting to overthrow the established order.
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