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Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

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Has anyone seen if they addressed the scale question? As in, are these proportionately scaled to 28mm figures or are they 28mm figures themselves? Still on the fence as to whether or not I'll back this, I'm a cat person :lol:, but knowing the answer to that question would definitely go a long way in deciding.

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Hi all, Russ here! Wow, when I wrote Pupdate 5 we had 5000 supporters- at Pupdate 7 we have over 7000! That’s just crazy amazing! Once again you have my utmost thanks for your faith in the project and please know, we are all working on further ways to make things even more awesome for you all!

Colouring Cornelius!

So, it is the start of the summer school holidays here in the UK (and presumably around the world as well ). What better way to celebrate this that with an awesome piece of colouring art from April? This seemed like too good an idea not to do, so we are pleased to give you a free Cornelius that you can colour and share, stick on the fridge door, or go get tattooed if that’s your thing (I have the doggies d20 logo as a tattoo, so I fully understand).

right click and save as right click and save as

We would love to see anyone’s artistic interpretations of Cornelius (indeed ANY fan art of our doggies is awesome) so please send it our way via our Facebook page messages or on twitter with #dungeonsanddoggies and we will show off our favourites along with our doggy cosplay galleries next weekend! How big is that doggy in the window?

How big is that doggy in the window?


We have two Wizkids minis, a Reaper older metal Elf (this is exactly the same as the plastic Bones one they now produce), a GW skeleton and an SFG Guild Ball Blacksmith. As you can see, the dogs are scaled to be plausible whilst retaining enough size to be detailed and characterful.

I should note that the dogs will come on 25mm bases for the medium and large breeds and 20mm bases for the small breeds, so they are consistent with existing fifth edition mini conventions. I hope that this info is helpful!

Stay tuned for more pupdates for the rest of the week and, wow, let’s keep sharing out the campaign, telling everyone about the best puppy party in gaming, and see where our noses lead us!

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12 minutes ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

How big is that doggy in the window?


We have two Wizkids minis, a Reaper older metal Elf (this is exactly the same as the plastic Bones one they now produce), a GW skeleton and an SFG Guild Ball Blacksmith. As you can see, the dogs are scaled to be plausible whilst retaining enough size to be detailed and characterful.

This is a case of a picture being worth a thousand words.

Thanks for posting that here Orlando.

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Hi All, Russ here!

So, at the time of writing this pupdate, we are at over 7.5k strong in our dog pack! That is just amazing, and everybody connected with the project couldn’t be happier, prouder or more thankful to you all.

But wait! Who ARE these people connected with the project? Well, outside of Painting and Polygons, some great collaborations have gone into making this project a reality and I thought it would be good to share that with you all and give our wonderful friends the spotlight they deserve!

April Prime

Twitter: @April_Prime

April is our amazing, talented and hugely enthusiastic artist! A fellow Critter, it was a chance encounter with her that planted the seed of Dungeons and Doggies and she has been with us every step of the way, designing characters, discussing ideas for dog equipment and creating the beautiful art that we have already shown. She is going to be the person most responsible for making the rules companion look stunning, as she will fill it with fantastic art.

April works as a concept artist in Canada and, as you can see from her portfolio of work up above, is a very diverse talent who can turn her hand to anything! We are very lucky to have her on board and I am personally excited to see what else she can create with Painting Polygons in the future!

Kate Charles

Twitter: @kwolseleycharle

Kate is responsible for the fiction and lore within the companion and is the author of the excellent stories we have shared about the dogs in our countdown to launching the project. Kate is currently working on developing exciting elements such as the tenets and beliefs surrounding the canine deity of the setting and it will be her prose that ties the rules together and brings the mechanics of the game to life!

Kate is a very easy collaborator for me because she works in the room next to mine, on account of us being married. When Kate isn’t writing for the project, it is usually down to her to run interference on Monty the spaniel so that I have enough time to get the minis sculpted!

Markus Stroh

Markus is the person who has painted the stunning minis that you can see on the campaign page. Markus approached us early in the project and offered to paint some of our test minis. When we saw the quality of his work, naturally we jumped at the chance! Markus has produced stunning work and I look forward to the time that he can show a complete set of doggies painted to his high standard.

Markus has examples of work for a variety of game systems on his page- including some miniatures I have sculpted for other projects in the past!

V Lee Illustrations

If you have looked into the dungeons and doggos web comic to enjoy the exploits of Tonka and his friends, you’ve been reading the work of V Lee Illustrations. I was unaware of the comic when I first started showing the minis online and it was fans of the comic that first made the connection and got us talking. It was quickly apparent that our mutual love of dogs and fantasy roleplaying meant that we just HAD to collaborate! One thing led to the next and we quickly ended up with Tonka the Bard as our exclusive Kickstarter mini and our characters appearing in the comic to aid the heroes in their quest…

If you have not yet checked out the Dungeons and Doggos comic, there is a new episode every Friday and the action both in game and at the table will feel all too familiar to anyone who has either played a game of D&D or ever owned an excitable hound!
[can't put the link to the webcomic as they've got a shop but I really urge doggy/D&D lovers to take a look, so cute]


In other news, I was fortunate to chat with the fine folks at the Rocks Fall podcast today and Devon, my host, is aiming to have the interview out by tomorrow. If you would like to have a listen, you can pick up the episode and others by following the link below!


Okay that’s it for today’s Pupdate! Tomorrow we will be looking in more detail at how the dog creation rules are working and show an example character from our playtest…until then, keep spreading the word and bearing the torch for our canine adventurers!
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Running interference with the dog! I love it. My wife does that too when I am busy sculpting. Looks like you have a very talented team helping you make some very good looking miniatures!

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I wish to potato and gone that they had an option for one, two, or three dogs. I love the wizard retriever, but I have NO use for that many doggies...

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I am thinking... kids game. They wake up, and the party has gone to the dogs.


But the exclusive....




It would be so easy to paint that as Sammy.... *EDIT* Sammy is shaggier - thanks to the golden side - but that is his smiling face.


The Auld Grump

Edited by TheAuldGrump
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Pupdate 11: Nearly TEN THOUSAND supporters! Plus, Nightingale’s Story and sneak peek at the Cosplay Gallery!

Hi everyone, Russ here!

Well, the last 36 hours have been crazy! Most projects have a natural rhythm to them, and usually the middle of the week is where things are a little quiet. Not for you fine people though! You have spread the good word, shared comments and pictures, and been excellent ambassadors for our canine characters and as a result, I am staggered to announce that we are close to ten thousand strong now! Not in my wildest imagination did I expect such a positive response and, with the rules reveal and some excellent feedback yesterday, we are convinced that every one of you is contributing to making the best project possible- and helping lay the foundations for more to come in the future!

Nightingale’s Tale

Just as yesterday was our longest rules spotlight, today is our longest lore reveal as we delve into Nightingale the Monk’s tale. This one is a little more shaded than the other fiction you might have seen. I think Kate did an amazing job on capturing a more conflicted past for a character…enjoy…

The sun was bright outside, Nightingale could tell. Golden rays filtered through the fretwork of the window coverings, tiny dust motes dancing in the light illuminating the soft, embroidered pillows and artfully draped silk hangings. Nightingale reclined against her little sofa watching her mistress and master as they laughed and conversed and sipped iced sherbet, or played with the tiny birds with their bright plumage as they sang in their piping voices in their silver cages. Servants slipped in and out, tending to the needs of Nightingale’s master and mistress, and her too, as the treasured pet of these two beautiful humans, the young and happy couple. They brought her titbits of lightly roasted meats and delicately peeled fruits, and sometimes her mistress even fed her with her own hands, if Nightingale’s tricks - standing on her hind legs and yapping in time to the hidden musicians’ tunes - pleased her. At these times, Nightingale was so happy to please her kind mistress, to be so loved, so cared for.

Nightingale opened her eyes, and breathed in deeply, savouring the cool night air of the temple. She repositioned herself slightly on her woven mat and laid her paws on her bo staff to ground herself.

Now to see things as they had really been.

The sun blazed down on the workers outside in the fields, sapping their strength as they were forced to toil in the heat, to earn a few rations. This wasn’t visible, however, through the fretwork in the windows of the prison cell in which she and her mistress dwelt. Their room was decorated with costly fabrics, sewn by half-blind children, draped across bare walls of a room that contained nothing that could be used to do harm to oneself. That pleasure was reserved for their master, who visited in the late afternoon, and usually stayed until late in the evening. At these times, Nightingale’s mistress desperately tried to please him, telling stories and dancing to the hidden musicians, and commanding Nightingale to show off the tricks that her mistress tearfully begged her to learn in the early mornings, feeding her the scraps that she’d saved from her own rations. Nightingale’s love for her mistress kept her blind to all of this though, until the evening with the shouting, and the screaming, and the final crash. The next morning, Nightingale crept out from under her sofa, shaking and whining, but her mistress would not be awoken.

Nightingale opened her eyes once more. She would not relive the desperate escape, the weeks of wandering, starving and crying, the arrival at the temple and begging scraps from petitioners with her tricks and her adoption by the monks, slowly learning their ways.

She would instead reflect on the morning she awoke at the foot of the huge statue with new thoughts, thoughts that replaced her grief with calm, and a new determination to bring protection to all who were in need of it. Her resolve renewed, Nightingale rose with the new day’s sun, and walked down the steps leading out of the temple for the last time. She did not look back.

Cosplay Gallery

At the beginning of the campaign we asked you to share your Doggy cosplay with us and use the tag #dungeonsanddoggies so we could find them. You did not disappoint! We will reveal the full gallery this weekend (to give folks a little more time to participate if they want to) and we hope everyone enjoys these delightful puppers in their costumes! Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far and remember, these pictures are our best inspiration for any further doggies that we release!

Doggie: Alfred - Owner: Henry South

Doggie: Bex - Owner: Ryan Napier

Doggie: Hercules - Owner: @Rachelguarr

Doggie: Itzl - Owner: @PhryneMe

Doggie: Toby - Owner: @Poidae

That’s it for now but please remember- we have a LIVE PAINTING STREAM today at 9pm UK/1pm Pacific on our twitch channel, https://www.twitch.tv/paintingpolgyons

Mat will be painting a doggie character and we will both be thee chatting and answering your questions. If you can make it, great! If not, don’t worry as the video will be available on demand through the channel for your viewing pleasure at any time!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Pupdate 12: Painting Guide and video link!

Hi everyone Russ here!

As we prepare to head into the weekend, you have one more day to get pictures to us via a message on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PaintingPolygons/ or on twitter with the tag #dungeonsanddoggies because tomorrow we will show off the dogs who have bravely put their best paw forward for our cosplay gallery! One more day to join the fun…

Painting Video and Guide

Many thanks to all of the people who were able to join us last night for our painting stream video! Despite the heat causing some technical issues with the camera, we have a great time and it was really nice to be able to chat and answer people’s questions about the project. If you missed it or were unable to watch live, don’t worry- the video is available below and we will be sorting out a permanent archive of videos on YouTube once we are back from Gen Con…


Plenty of people asked Mat for a written insight into the process of selecting the paints that he uses in the video, Although he shows at the end, he has also provided this overview for easy reference:


Mat’s words about Painting “Nightingale” – the Pomeranian monk.

"As with most of my painting, I wanted a simple paint scheme that really put the focus on the face of the model…its just so cute!

To create this simple colour palette, I used a mixture of Reaper Master Series Paint (MSP) and Games Workshop (GW) washes. I like Reaper Master Series because the paint formula has a fraction more matte medium in it, which means the paint takes a little longer to dry than Vallejo paints for example. The way I paint means this longer ‘window’ is extremely helpful…as you can see on the stream, I do like the wet blend on the miniature itself.

Alternative paints to look at are the aforementioned Velljo paints, excellent quality and available pretty much everywhere. Much the same story for the entire Games Workshop range of paints and washes. Games Workshop have specifically designed their paint range to support the base colour -> wash -> highlight method which is brilliant for people in the earlier stages of their painting careers.

For the fur:
* MSP Blonde Shadow for base colouring
* GW Seraphim Sepia wash
* MSP Blonde Hair & Blonde Highlight for the highlights For the jacket/belts:
* “Midnight Blue” from a paint range I’m developing, but you can use GW “Dark Reaper” instead.
* Highlights were with “Midnight Blue” lightened with MSP “Tusk Ivory”

For the jewellery:
* GW “ Retributor Armour” for the gold base colour.
* GW “Reikland Fleshshade” for the wash
* Then highlight with the “Retributor Armour” after you have finished the model.

Eyes/nose/tongue:* MSP “Pure Black” for the nose
* MSP “Blood Red” for the tongue
* MSP “Blackened Brown” for the eye sockets, then MSP “Tusk Ivory” for the whites of the eyes followed by a dab of “Blackened Brown” again for the pupil

And that’s it, simple colour schemes look super effective when you combine the warmth of the honey fur with the cool off-black blues of the jacket and the richness of the gold jewellery. Can’t wait to see everyone’s painting when these puppies hit your painting tables!"

The next Live stream!

Mat and I enjoyed the streaming this week so much that we are going to stream again this Sunday, that is at 9pm BST/ 1pm Pacific and hopefully even more people can join us for a weekend stream. This time, though…you have a choice! Mat can paint any one of the following three doggies: Cornelius, Monty or Tedric….please head over to this (almost as tiny as last time) survey and choose a dog- the most popular choice will be LIVE painted on Sunday for your viewing pleasure!


That’s it for now, catch you all tomorrow and have a great weekend!


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Last 24 hours


Hi all, Russ here!

Wow! Like WOW! So, we are entering the final 24 hours of the campaign with over TWELVE THOUSAND of you amazing people choosing to support the project! That is truly humbling and we are now at a level of support so far beyond what I imagined that I am struggling to find the words to describe it! I promise that we are working right now on the art, graphics, production and behind the scenes stuff to ensure that we justify your faith in us- and I cannot wait to start sharing the post- campaign updates as we move towards the day we put the minis and rules in your hands!

Last night was had another very fun stream over at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/290719309 in which Mat painted Cornelius (winner of the painting vote by a comfortable margin) and I chatted with both him and April Prime, the amazing artist who has brought our characters to such vivid life. We talked about gaming, art, painting, Linda Hamilton and many other strange subjects. It was really fun having April involved and you can expect more of her in the future! If you were unable to listen and watch live, the link above is live for a few weeks to come and we will archive it to YouTube very soon.

On the note of ‘very soon’, I am about to turn off my PC, head out the door and start the long journey from my home in the UK to GEN CON!!! Gen Con looms pretty large in the gaming calendar and I am super excited to be representing Steamforged Games at the show and talking about my work on Critical Role and other projects. I will be on booth #2827 with my SFG colleagues. Sadly, no doggies there (THIS year at least) but I am sure my benevolent overlords wouldn’t mind TOO much if you wanted to find me and chat about canine fun as well as my day job I will be the guy in the red hat hunched over a laptop sculpting minis…

Due to the way things have panned out, I will actually be somewhere in the air approaching Chicago when the campaign closes. However, I have some trusted allies who will post a message of thank you to you that I am prepping before I go, and as soon as I am at my destination and able to check into a WiFi connection I will jump on, say hi and offer my final thoughts on where we end up.

So until then, I will watch as closely as I can as I hop from train to train to plane over the next day or so, and those of you who are coming to Gen Con, I can’t wait to meet you in person!

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Bugger. I forgot all about this one. Came to check on it this afternoon and it was closed. 

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5 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Bugger. I forgot all about this one. Came to check on it this afternoon and it was closed. 


This was my worry...so I just did it on launch day to be safe.  Now I will have my daughter asking where they are for the next 9 months or more.


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