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Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

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I meant to go in a double my pledge for two sets, but alas, I was preoccupied getting my 35 year service award at work . . . With my three granddaughters in-tow! ::D:

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I think when it comes to painting the figures, I'll be painting the Golden to look like my GP/BC mix. Everyone that sees her make the same mistake of thinking she's a Golden, only bigger. ::D:

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Hi all Russ here!

This is a super exciting Pupdate for me…

In the previous pupdate, I explained the tooling and revision process where I was commenting on the minis as they got set up for production. Well, since then our manufacturing partners have tooled up and sent the first plastic prototypes through!

I am super pleased and very happy to be able to share with you these first images of the minis in the material and quality that you will receive! I am sure you would agree that these look absolutely amazing! They capture all the character and detail I hoped we would see on the minis.


The only significant change now is that these are in a neutral grey, the default for when miniatures are being checked for detail quality. The final versions will be in a different colour, but other than this, what you’re seeing is what you’re getting!


Furthermore we have settled all of the packaging designs and the tooling on the boxes is beginning as well. I am waiting on a built box to share this, but I assure you, the box looks really great and evokes the upbeat atmosphere of the project really well. I hope to reveal this soon, and I am really pleased to be at this stage before Christmas- it puts us in a great place for delivery next year.


Until next time, enjoy the pics and may your dice always roll high!  


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We’ll be sending out a ‘final notice’ via our pledge manager CrowdOx tomorrow, Wednesday February 13th. The final notice will be sent out as an email to all backers and will mark the final 48 hours to change your addresses. Once these 48 hours have passed your address will be locked in, and that’s the address your pledge will be shipped to.

We anticipate fulfilment to our wonderful backers to be starting between early March and the middle of April, so please make sure your address is accurate to the address you’ll be at around this time. As we get closer to this time we’ll be updating with more accurate dates, likely broken down by the different regions that fulfilment will be happening in. If you’re unsure of exactly where you’ll be, we recommend you enter an address that you know won’t be changing such as a family, friend, or workplace.

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Pupdate 26: The Incredible Journey Posted by Russ Charles (Creator)


Hi all, Russ here!

We have a heap to get through with this update… so let’s get started!

Shipping Update

We have a few different hubs which will be sending out your doggies. From this point forward we’ll be breaking down each region based on the hubs which will be sending out pledges to our wonderful backers. All backers will be receiving tracking information via email!

Australia, Asia, UK, EU & RoW – Sent by the UK Hub

We anticipate pledges to the above regions to begin fulfilment toward the tail end of the week commencing March 18th and the start of the week commencing March 25th, with fulfilment completed by the end of this month.

USA – Sent by the US Hub

Fulfilment on pledges to backers in the US are starting today, which is super exciting! Keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes for dispatch notifications. Fulfilment should be completed by the end of this month.

Canada – Sent by the Canadian Hub

We anticipate pledges to Canada to begin fulfilment toward the tail end of the week commencing March 18th and the start of the week commencing March 25th, with fulfilment completed by the end of this month.

A Thank You and an Announcement

Throughout the process of making this project a reality I’ve had a huge amount of support from Steamforged Games Ltd (SFG). SFG have been my employer for a long time now, and they’ve been amazingly supportive in bringing something I personally wanted to do to our tabletops!

SFG have helped with customer support, project management, production, graphic design and the distribution of Dungeons and Doggies and I truly couldn’t be happier with the result! Alongside all of this, SFG will also be bringing the product to retail! Assuming all goes to plan *crosses any limb that can be crossed* all backers are set to receive their pledges ahead of our initial estimation… which is fantastic!

I’m really looking forward to continuing this partnership with future projects, we’re all friends here so I guess I can leave you all with a sneak peak as to what one of those might be!


I hope you’ll all join me in thanking all the folks at SFG for their hard work with this project, I simply couldn’t have done it without them!

Content Sneak Peeks!

While I’m in the habit of showing shiny things off let’s look at some samples from the pdf rulebook! The rulebook is still in layout, so some of the look may change slightly between now and when the pdf is put online. The pdf is likely to go up in the next few weeks, rest assured you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready!

This is a work in progress sample of one of many pages in the rule book! Isn’t it beautiful! This is a work in progress sample of one of many pages in the rule book! Isn’t it beautiful!
I mean, what more is there to say… LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! I mean, what more is there to say… LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!

Thanks, as always, for your support with this project! We’re so close to the end now, and what a journey it’s been!


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1 hour ago, Darsc Zacal said:

I really reallly hope these look as good in person.



The SFG connection makes me anxious after some of their recent shenanigans.

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I completely missed this so I am hoping they will be available individually on a website later. 


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Same. I got all of them, but I really only wanted the big doggies. And I might have waited for retail, but there was that mastif bard that was just too cute!

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