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Brownie minis?


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3 hours ago, BlazingTornado said:


1 hour ago, eldamir said:

like 28mm scale chocolaty squares?  would take a lot of them to make a decent snack!


Definitely not the chocolaty squares......nasty. ::D:


The Otherworld one might just work thou. I totally spaced off looking at their catalog. thanks!




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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Eureka Miniatures




8 hours ago, vulture said:

what about the Splintered Light 15mm gnomes?


or, possibly, their elves (depending on your desired style)?



An entire army in that scale is dirt cheap.


plus, flower catapult!




Both are nice. The Eureka line reminds me too much of satyrs but I do like the squirrel cavalry riders. The SL gnomes are intresting. I'll have to keep them in mind.


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Wargames Foundry used to have all sorts of little fey folk as extras in their Elves line, but they haven't been brought back under the Warmonger flag.  Heck, it's hard to even find photos of them these days.

I really could only find the ones I painted up, the ones in red caps here:


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Iron Wind Metals also has a couple of winged sprites, although they may not be what you are looking for. I seem to remember the HackMaster line having something that might fit, but maybe those are just winged pixie fairies. The HackMaster line is also produced by and available from Iron Wind as well.

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