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Very nice.  I also like the vegetation.


12 hours ago, Pochi said:

I thought about putting my players' characters' names on a few but thought that was mean! :devil:


No need to pick on the currently living characters, but are there any past characters that might deserve a memorial?

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9 hours ago, Jordan Peacock said:

Inspirational!  Okay, when I finally get these finished up, I can see that I can't just settle for "grey dry-brush stone" effects.  The overgrown, mossy look is what really gives it appeal.  :)

Thanks! I suck at drybrushing and these were seriously easy! I wanted some variety in stone color so went with 3 different. Black, dark grey, light grey - tan, offwhite, white - dark grey, light grey, white. I used a wash after the first drybrush, let it dry, then repeated with the first drybrush color then finish with a drybrush of the lightest color. If you mess anything up, flock it! ::P:


2 hours ago, eldamir said:

Looks awesome!  Now to shamelessly copy that overgrown look for my diorama!

Thank you! Go for it! Different colors and textures of flock mixed in a Parmesan cheese shaker. Different colors and lengths of tufts and lots of glue!



2 hours ago, Clearman said:

Very nice.  I also like the vegetation.



No need to pick on the currently living characters, but are there any past characters that might deserve a memorial?

We did joke about putting my husband's old character's name on there with birth and death year and cross out the death year and put a new one and cross it out with another new one. He came close to dying many times, really died once and was resurrected and there was a prophecy that he would greet Death 4 times but bid him farewell thrice. Poor Finn!



45 minutes ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Whoa! The greenery seriously elevates these. I am so going to steal everything I can from these. 

Thanks! Seriously fun but so messy! I was working on it late at night and getting sleepy and dumb...I forgot about the giant pile of flock I had tapped off all of the excess from the minis onto a piece of paper on the table. (Hadn't poured it back in the shaker yet.) Holding the one mini and see a little extra floof so blew on it....in the direction of the table..... Green flocking everywhere! I looked like Oscar the Grouch!

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    • By Iridil
      Here are the gravestones from Bones 3 Graveyard expansion (1 seem to have lost one before it made it to the paint table....) and a random pillar... 
      Gee, what kind of adventure could I be planning....

    • By Disciple of Sakura
      I finally got this beast finished. I have a snake god in my homebrewed campaign, Baumol, the Neutral Evil god of corruption, lies, and envy, and really love getting these serpents for him to inflict on my players. Since this is much more likely to be a statute than a creature (though it'll be that, too), I decided to paint it up with an elaborate base. I gouged out the mini's eyes and replaced them with craft store fake gemstones, picked up some Reaper flaming spheres (77081) and cut up the graveyard expansion pillars from Bones 3 (77638) to make braziers, then mounted them all to a wooden pyramid I got at a craft store and covered with cobblestone texture-rolled sculpy. I drilled a pit into the base of the sphere, through the braziers, and through the base, then ran some LED string into the fires and mounted the battery in the base. I'm really satisfied with the result. Baumol's holy symbol is a gold or black snake curled around a red gem signifying a heart, so the cobra's hood has this symbol on both sides, and there's a red oval on the base upon which the snake sits. His favored weapon is a trident, so the inner hood markings are tridents, too...

      Closeup of the gem eyes. They were clear, but I washed them with green ink and gloss varnish.

      Closeup on the front of the base.

      And now with the LEDs on.

    • By Pochi
      I finished the Obsidian Crypt from the Bones 3 kickstarter. I looked at lots of photos of old mausoleums for inspiration. Now, I just need to finish the fence and all of the main cemetery parts will be finished. Then just ghouls, golems, worms, etc to do to complete the entire expansion.
      I had fun flocking the crypt. I resembled Oscar the Grouch by the time I was finished!
      I put a couple flickering LED candles inside the crypt to emulate torchlight/candlelight and thought it turned out pretty cool!







    • By igelkott
      I wanted to use the cemetery fencing as terrain in wargames, and I wanted to be able to configure the fences any way I wanted, so I decided to try using magnets to hold the fencing together. I first had to decide on how to approach the problem. The straight sections were pretty simple... I could just drill into the ends and install magnets, with the polarity opposite on each end so they can be chained together. For the short sections with a flat on only one end I decided to do do half with one polarity and half with the other, so I would always have an option as to which to use. But for the columns, I had to think a bit. I didn't want to have magnets visible on the outside, and I couldn't figure out how to arrange the polarity so that it would maximize what arrangements would work. Finally I came up with the idea to simply install steel rods in the middle, and then they could attach to the straight sections with either polarity. The gate structure could also be done with steel rods. I measured things out and decided that 3/8" rod would work for the columns and for the inner posts of the gateway piece, and 1/4" rod for the outer portions of the gateway piece.

      So here's what I used for this:

      1mmx6mm neodymium magnets (lots)
      3/8" steel rod
      1/4" steel rod
      Straight Sections
      These were pretty straightforward, except there wasn't a lot of room for the 6mm magnets. I had to make sure the holes were accurately placed. I usually use 1/4" drills for the 6mm magnets but because this was really tight I decided to use a 6mm drill. When I need to be accurate, I usually start with a tiny hole and use a pin vise to get the hole centered right. I then drill larger and larger holes. This is because with the larger drill bits, the drill often catches in the plastic and draws itself in, potentially ruining the piece. It works much better if I only take out a little bit of plastic each time. So here is a shortened sequence of the hole drilled (I actually used 8 drills of increasing size for each hole).


      Here is how it looked inside after drilling it out:

      And then I glued in the magnets with super glue. I decided to use 8 magnets in each end which is probably overkill but these magnets were pretty cheap...

      And here's how it looks from the end:


      Now the Columns were a little tricky. Here's what I finally ended up doing.

      - I drilled down through the top with a 5/16" drill bit and went all the way through the bottom. This insures that the hole in the bottom is centered. I had to hold the column with pliers to keep from wrenching it out of my hand. I used leather to keep the jaws from marring the surface but cloth should work fine.

      - I enlarged the hole in the base with a 3/8" drill bit. This was really tricky since as I said before, with large bits the drill tends to catch in the plastic and draw itself in so this must be done with care. What I ended up doing was to drill in just a little bit, then reverse the drill and repeat, doing this several times. This way the drill bit would only carve out small sections of plastic at a time, then when the drill was reversed that divot of plastic would break off. Then when it goes forward again, it would take out a new piece of plastic, etc. I have a cordless VSR drill that I use for this that has really good slow speed control. I wouldn't try to do this with a power drill that didn't have good slow speed control. I only needed to drill in about 1/2"-3/4" deep.

      - I cut a 1/4" long piece of the 3/8" steel rod. I used a file to clean up the burrs, otherwise it would be much harder to get into the column.

      - I forced the piece of steel in the hole in the bottom of the column. I had to inset the steel piece about 2mm to get the pieces to sit correctly. If the steel is in too far, the straight section will not sit evenly on the table. If it isn't inset far enough, then the column won't sit evenly on the table.

      This also was a little tricky. I had to drill out through the bottom with a 1/4" drill and a 3/8" drill. Here's how it ends up looking:

      Again, I had to adjust the depth to get the straight sections to sit flat on the table. I didn't bother gluing the steel pieces in for the columns or the gateway since they were pretty tight fits. Here are all the pieces with steel installed:

      So now I can configure the fencing in many different ways, and it's resistant to accidental bumps. Here are a couple of configurations:

      I'm leaving the columns with open tops for now since someday we'll get cool new tops with Reaper 4.

      I hope this is helpful!
    • By igelkott
      I finished painting my cemetery fences from the reaper 3 kickstarter. I painted them up generally following the same approach as my dwarven forge dungeon tiles. Here's how I painted them:
      - I primed the pieces with krylon black camo primer
      - I then painted on a heavy drybrush of Pokorny Base Grey on all the stone parts
      - I then picked out some of hte stones with Pokorny Earth Stone
      - I then did a light drybrush with Pokorny Olive Dry Brush
      - I then mixed together Pokorny Base Grey and Pokorny Stone Edge Dry Brush  and did a very light dry brush
      - Now I worked on the metal - I painted the barts with Americana Ebony Black
      - I then drybrushed the upper sections of the bars only with Americana Midnight Blue to provide a little color variation
      - I then did a light drybrush of the bars with Pokorny Base Grey, followed by a similar mix of Base Grey and Stone Edge Dry Brush
      - I then did an overall wash with Agrax Earthshade
      I then sprayed them with Testor's Dullcote.
      It was a quick paint job and should look good when I use them for terrain in my upcoming Deadzone game. BTW I had previously magnetized these and you can see the howto I wrote up here:
      Here are a couple of pictures of the finished fences.


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