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So I basically have an endless supply of these....


and I really don't want to throw them in the recycling unless I'm sure I don't need them for something cool that I just haven't though of yet.

But as I've got about 400 of these laying around so far (they are the inner needle tip protector for the tips I use for my daily shot, so are sterile and only the outer protector is put back on before going in the sharps bin) and growing, so as I still haven't really thought of anything, what do you think?


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-Glue some sort of bead do-hicky on top, and a base on the bottom, and paint them to be Force Field Projectors.


-Painted as Futuristic  Roadcones


-Inverted, and glued as a smokestack onto a section of horizontal cardboard tubing to make a steam boiler.  In fact they could be glued as smokestacks all over any sort of dwarves or steampunk structure.


-They can be used as the mantlet for any number of Sci-Fi gun emplacements.


- They could easily be converted into flight stands.



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flip over, sculpt ice cream on top, use as over sized ice cream cone signs.


add a pole coming out and a bead on the pole, use as stick lamps


add a pole and a rectangle use as road signs


add a pole, and a little sick and a bead, use as mic stands


add a tapered piece, use as herald horns


take a ping pong ball, glue in seemingly random locations, wide side touching the ball, attach very thin wires and a little box. atomic bomb prototype


arrange on top of a cylinder place in a tank of water, use as control rods for nuclear reactor


attach a round flat thing to the top, and use as bar stools

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Peg legs for ogre pirates?


End (bottom) sections for modular fencing.


Cut the "post" off, and put a round bead/ball bearing for a crystal ball.


With that in mind, cut the post at an angle and put a book on top to make a lectern or other podium.


Glue a trimmed popsicle stick across two or more for a bench.


Glue three under a round bowl/cup for a monstrous cauldron (WTH is brewing in THAT)?

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Painted orange: Devo hats. 
Or painted NEON orange: futuristic pylons?
Spaceship rocket nozzles.

Pedestal.  Place a skull, trophy, treasure, crystal ball, etc., atop it.
Brazier.  Invert, paint in metallic colors, place some "burning coals" and/or "fire" inside.


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