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I have seen some fantastic wyrmgear son here recently so I decided to finally take a shot at mine, first off I wanted a nice industrial type base so I grabbed a couple of blank CDs, some MDF sprue and plasticard and had at it.  Hopefully this works out.





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I assume you'll be removing the Broccoli 'bases' on Wyrmgear's feet...   


The two cylinders sticking up on his back looks like small smokestacks. It may be an idea to drill them out. 


Oh, and I love the base. 

Not too keen on the wheelrim you added(a bit too modern for me), but the rest is nice and industrial. 


I'll be following this WIP closely because I have my own Wyrmgear waiting to be painted, and I may want to steal some ideas from you...  ;-)

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I'm glad there's another Wyrmgear WIP because it's always interesting to see what others are doing.  I keep getting tempted to bring metallics into mine, since so many others are doing it rather well... O_o


What I'm really curious about is whether the wings will remain vertical, or if they'll be modified in some way like a number of people have been doing ^_^

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Still very rough but getting the placement of the wing designs in, if Citrine pops into the thread I have a question, you use nightmare black on your wyrmgear(superb btw) and I am also going to use it.  The finish it gives looks fantastic but when I apply it it has poor coverage is this normal for that color?


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