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So this is my first time doing NMM without glazes as I thought I would try very thin paint in lighter shades with washes to smooth it out.  Not getting the smoothness of a glaze but looking ok though it looks better in hand for some reason.




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Lars it took some practice and it's still not to the level I want it but I do enjoy the process and it gives a great look.  You should give it a shot

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Got a chance to do some work on the bed today, couple of plates still only base Coates and the head still needs washes to smooth it out and one last highlight on the tips of things but at this point very happy with how it looks.





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Ok reading what I posted, at no point was I haunting in bed that should read head :).

Bloody hell painting not haunting I neither  painted or haunted in or around the bed.

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Late to the discussion but I couldn't resist.  I like  the work you are doing with the gold,  the palamino and sepia makes for a really nice brass rather the.true gold and it looks really good on the dragon.  Makes me want to get a wyrmgear to try it out for myself.


I also really like your take on the wings.  The colors and black freehand give the impression of fresh canvas.


Great job!  Looking forward to seeing where this gets to!

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Thakyou sir, I ran out of palamino gold today but I should get some in the mail tomorrow,  I think with the wing in the pics the placement will be tilted and the as yet unpainted wing will stand upright possibly with a black dragons head painted on the outer side.  I am really liking reapers bright tourqoise right now this is only the second time I have used it;).

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Had to fix one of the wings in place as this one will be angled and I need to see where the highest highlights will go, this is gonna make painting a little dicey as I don't want to knock it off but things are coming together nicely.







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