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3 hours ago, Heisler said:


Right now I would say the size is just about perfect. it just depends on if you are going to add anything and how big those pieces are.


Thanks so much for your input!  Not planning to add a lot more, figure-wise -- just knowing this seems about right gives me a better idea what I'm looking for.


You guys are the best!

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Having just reread Dune a few weeks ago, I think I know what you're going for.  Excellent idea.

If your viewers don't know Dune, though, you need to show them that this isn't just another generic "big monster is about to eat the little human" scene.

Are you willing to do more conversion to the Fremen figure, or maybe use a different figure and convert it by adding Fremen gear?  This stock figure is just a man standing at ease and coolly observing, not an elite desert commando risking his life to hook a Maker.  What if you showed the moment when he lunges out from behind a rock with hook held high, or just after he has put in the hook and the worm's roll starts to pull him off the ground?  Another Fremen or two might be dodging away from the thumper, or at least hiding nearby, to show that this is a tribal ritual and not just a solitary activity.

And maybe you can model some subtle circular waves in the sand around the thumper, to make the pulsing visible.



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