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Spring Exchange 2018 from herzogbrian


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I have received a surprise box in the mail recently.  


The box contained my Spring Exchange mini from @herzogbrian and it contained a very well painted monster that fits into one of the encounters in the "Tomb of Annihilation" adventure.(which I am currently running and he did not know about)


This is the octyugh ... sorry... 02737: Dung Monster from Reaper painted up into an interesting blend of colors from purple to green to reddish-pink.


I like the way he has used the purple as a background and shadow color for the main skin which has the green as the main color.  He then carried that up into the tentacles as the primary color.



the mouth and teeth stand out with the color choices he has made and I am sure painting all those teeth deep inside the mouth (not sure if you can see them in the pictures below) must have been very trying on his patience but showed great brush control!



Love it! ::D::wub:


PICS!  (cause this is what you really want to see)




Another monster to scare the PC's and to add to my display case!  YAY!

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