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Goremaw, the Devourer and Wolf Demon

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Very cool!

I like the base on the Wolf Demon!


BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF ( of some sorts)

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Great paint job on goth of them, and the idea of having the wolf-demon's feet cause the ground to heat up is pretty sweet! :winkthumbs:

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    • By viking_hank
      Goremaw, the great purple worm, I made lots of mistakes while painting this mini. I had to go back and correct a lot of over painting. Tried to use Army painter paints, didn’t care for them. Constructive criticism is welcome. Sticking to Reaper paint from now on. 

    • By dice4hire
      Here is my painting today, my Goremaw. I am doing some of the bigger models to aim for my 77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant, which I hope to paint this month. I am particularly happy how the maw worked out. 
      I'll do the base tomorrow, I think. 

    • By AutumnHare
      I’m a bit late, but I finally started back painting late last year. Here’s what I managed to accomplish in 3 months.

      And a few close-ups of my favorites...
      Goremaw the Scarlet Worm is over in the Large Mini contest:  
      A Yeti (77436) in a non-standard coat pattern

      77418 Xiao Liu
      (Painted as a Pathfinder Suli: none of the official artwork shows them as having discernible pupils.)

      77511 Xiloxoch, Guardian Naga

      Gorilla from Bones 3

      77232 Mogg, Bugbear Warrior

    • By Thrym
      As usual, here's another project started ... this, along with some other stuff I will be posting { *insert future time code* } once I have made a bit more progress on them, are part of ...

      As some of you may have seen, Goremaw has been sitting on my desk since we moved in and I received my Bones 3 order.

      I recently received another Kickstarter order that started me down my Holiday Vacation path ... Stonehaven's Giants and Stonehaven's Adventurers.  I received 11 new giants to add to the Joten horde.  At the last Paint Day, I cleaned all eleven resin minis and then the following day I based them all and finished prepping them by priming them with my Armor Spray Primer.  Six of them were primed black for a dark starting point and 5 were primed white.
      I also wanted to work on the base for my Reaper Fire Giant Jailor from Bones 3.  He was "assembled" but wouldn't stay standing on his base very well on my desk.  Keep an eye out for his WIP.
      That inevitably led to Goremaw getting his base suped up and his minor gaps filled.

      No, that's not sugar ... just cheap (clearance) sand.  There are two grades of sand on there.  The red is like sugar crystals.  The darker brown around the base is actual Virginia sand from the beach near Yorktown.  It filled in over the red sand and makes a more earthy surface than the "pebbles" the red sand will be.
      The whole thing is sealed with Testor's Dullcote to allow me to spray the Primer on it.

      As you can see the cracks in the bark make for excellent rocks.  The pink from the sand will come into play a bit when I incorporate the blue from the Timeless Desert.
      Oh, right, I haven't explained my Blue Work of Markshire.
      Markshire is my PnP campaign world and was a Neverwinter Nights (video game) persistent world for a bit.
      The Blue Worms are rare monsters that inhabit the Timeless Desert.  A frozen wasteland that used to be a vast grassland.
      You can read more about Markshire and specifically the Timeless Desert on my Markshire.com website.
      Here's a screenshot from the game area:

      Intentions for Goremaw:
      Blue Hide with lighter blue, almost white Ridges.  Blue similar to the Horizon in the pic above. The Spines on the body will be darker colored.  Not sure if it will be a blue or perhaps a black like a claw. The mandibles will be purplish color, closer to mauve. The fangs will be bright white at the points and duller near the mandibles. The inner mouth will be more classic red coloring The belly will be a lighter blue tinged with a pink/purple for the softer tissue The sand will reflect the twilight blue of the desert pictured above, which is why the red will help bring in some depth of color. The stones will all be granite and similar in coloring  
      There you have it.  The start of the Holiday Vacation Series '17.
      Oh, yeah, you may be wonder what I mean by "Holiday Vacation Series" ... well, I have 8 days of vacation left and two large holidays.  I simply don't have the means to take two the time in one large vacation.  So I've scheduled myself to be off 4 Mondays prior to my usual Christmas week vacation between Christmas day and New Year's day.  By far the SLOWEST week of our year.  So, technically, this gives me ... does the math ... a lot of days off.  We close for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are also paid holidays.  But, what exactly am I going to be doing with this series ... nothing specific.  I am just trying to keep myself motivated and you all excited for the next post.
      Stay tuned and Enjoy
    • By rollcast
      I'm just really proud of this, my first work with an airbrush ever. Maybe it's not the best skill & craft work out there for finishing a figure, but I think I win some points for originality.
      What I learned...
      Sometimes, inspiration comes when you think your finished (my son said "I thought you were going for a nebula") Sometimes, your wife says "It needs something iridescent" when you think you're done and she's right. Sparkling Amethyst on the spines Airbrushing means mixing and getting your consistency exactly right - I got lucky on my first try Airbrushing base colors is insanely fast, uses almost no paint and produces something much more even than I could dry-brushing Dry brushing is great for aging/leathering a piece - airbrushing is all about consistency of coverage. Trying to add red-shifted & blue-shifted stars to the star field looked like birthday cake sprinkles. Nature always has better color schemes than I can come up with on my own. I still need to figure out how to layer/thin/build up my colors.  
      After initial airbrushing with Violet Shadow and Clear Magenta and maybe a mix with aged bonne for the belly.

      First pass at layering for the spikes. I've got some learning to do.

      Another angle at the "ready for detailing" stage.

      My son said "nebula" and I broke out the clear blue and thinned it, but probably not enough.

      Here's the "finished" product. I detailed so many stars in the blue areas. Then my wife said "iridescent" and I added Sparkling Amethyst to the spines. It's a great touch and highlights the raised part of the body instead of leaving it the same as the rest.

      For scale against another recent work, my lizardman army.

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