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Crowley's Graveyard

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I've barely had any time to work on these, but I need to paint something tonight, so... Progress!



Still need to paint all the skulls and debating doing some rust or something..._20180804_213342.thumb.JPG.d9ba60785e9eb414b6facdcc42b33e04.JPG

Also thinking about adding more green moss like this...

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1 hour ago, LarsM said:

That roof is amazing.. May one ask how you achieved that result? 

Of course! And really really easily.


Step 1: Prime on a really humid day for maximum texturizing. 

Step 2: Paint with Reaper's Copper Verdigris Paint 09304

Step 3: Apply a heavy sepia wash (I'm using a bottle of @Bloodhowl's recipe)

Step 4: ???

Step 5: Profit!

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18 hours ago, Crowley said:

Tonight's progress! More verdigris, mostly on the crypt, and a bit on the fences. Debating painting the bars the same, but I kinda like them black. Probably because there's so much black iron work around my neighborhood...






Maybe some Ryza Rust here and there on the fence?

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