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OK, Fluff Trivia


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Ok, CAV addicts, we're gonna play a game, just to detail how much fluff you really have in your hands; whoever answers the question with a page number to reference, gets to toss out the next question. Reaper officials are not eligible. (gotta keep it fair) we're playing for cool points, so open up your books and lets play....



OK, in a our Awenasan campaign, I've always considered the AEC as dirty capitolists, really sleezy in their way of things. to support this claim, something the AEC did justifies my view.


Question: what sleezy thing did the AEC/NADO do to win the Battle of Procyron

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Dragoon, JoR2, the battle report or unit information, I don't have my book to hand so can't quote page reference.


OK easy one however, please don't refer to your books to answer this one as it becomes way to easy.


Two UCORs have manufactored the Tsuiseki, name both of them.



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Brigadier General Tolreich - Ritterlich. (2215)

It was the first Military book to detail "Sun-Tzu style" CAV based warfare.

((Sidebar "Journal of Recognition" - Core rulebook))


OK - Since there was not a War going on to test the battlefield performance of this unit, It's UCOR gave 100 of it for the Season of Storms. This test in Fire allowed the UCOR to make important modifications.

What UCOR - and What Unit? (And for Extra Credit - What Year's Season of Storms?)




You know - We could keep this thread going forever.....

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