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OK, Fluff Trivia


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Right Ucor - Wrong Year, Wrong CAV....

I'll give you partial credit though, because the Description does say that the Emperor has only seen use in the Season, but I'm actulally referring to one that was battle tested and then refined as a result of the SOS.

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All right, I'll admit it, I'm stumped, and haven't a clue on this one


what does it mean?


edit, after another look its,


Life is battle, fighting is living


Core rulebook, todays Rach.


I admit to having some help on this one, so Lanse throw another question at us

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Mitso-Ta Chief Executive Yoshi Tekada, speaking in 2246 about the Katana CAV. JoR1, p30.


To be fair, Stuart had the answer before I posted. He doesn't have the books with him, so he asks that I pose the next question.


What's the current CAV-universe year, as of JoR2?

No fair looking this one up, it's fairly easy.

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