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OK, Fluff Trivia


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it isn't a Rach unit.... ::):


JOR1, pg 11, Recognition Quiz #2: Unit Insignia


Terran Unit, Aerospace, 4th Maniple, Section 5, Turma/Detachment 1, Century 2


likely not read in the correct order.


KAMUT, you post one, you got more floating around than I do....


cher ^_^

**correcting spelling errors...**

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yeah, you got me with this one,


first off its a flight, not a Turma,


4th Maniple, 2nd Century, 1 Wing, 5 Flight and it is a Gunship belonging


to a Terran Legion.


notice something too guys, these are the correct markings that belong on a Terran Legion unit.


Jor 1, after the silhoette page of recognition


the Warhawk 1 was built in 2156 by what UCOR?

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