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OK, Fluff Trivia


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Wraith, and an unknown number due to unofficial serial numbers being found, skewing all production numbers?? (jor1 for the wraith, and jor2 for the serial number thing)





prolly the dictator anyways ::D:


I Yield next question if correct, posting at the wrong time of day to play well with others.

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OK, no books here either, but I seem to remember the Chieftain Hover tank being a product of Post-Galaxy war attempts to keep the Ucor (RMI) lines in service.


I think the background says the first ones were 80%+ remanufactured, but demand became so great they started 100% original manufacturing.


If correct I yield my question.

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JoR1, p55.


Knight chassis K1-85a, Piloted by Lt. Adavon Madder, NADO.

Berserker Death Frog survived 83 combat missions, 8 critical system failures, and following the immediate demise of Berserker Death Frog II, Madder finished out the tour of Duty in Death Frog 1.


Who was Marcus "The Tick" Kirkpatrick?

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