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Butterbug - Malafaux Shadow Effigy for D&D

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Thanks to critical Role I have acquired a new player in our group! They're playing a goblin monk named  Butterbug, and picked out this mini a while back as one of the representations for them, and I offered to paint it up. This will be the version who is a security guard at a magic school. Colors are brown with blue and golden yellow accents.IMG_0969.thumb.JPG.89d46758eed05160c45a378c13ee282d.JPGIMG_0971.thumb.JPG.7eac73da1f22520ade521a7671ced8e4.JPG




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Always gonna be a fan of goblin monks! Played one in a year-long campaign once. Master Griblick had a D20 table of elaborately-named martial arts strikes.

They were all of them crotch-shots. All of them. Goblins, man.

Anyway, this guy looks sweet and I love the bamboo and the hat. Keep up the great work!

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