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Ittie Bittie Kitties...Again

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Andy, the face you have in the photo looks really good, minus the ruff.

I know it's a little late, but I managed to snag a pretty decent top-down head shot for the loaf. I think you captured the basically squarish shape of the muzzle. When you add in the cheeks and fur around his face, you get a concave contour for the shape of the head:




(He wasn't thrilled with holding still for a photo, but submitted with sufficient chin scratches.)

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That actually sets my mind at ease.  I thought I might be too square, but this should that I got it pretty good.  Yaay.  I'll be sculpting the body and leg fur of the sitting one today.  Tonight, I will add ear armatures.  Tomorrow ear sculpting and Friday will be finishing the face fluff and necks, throats and chests.



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