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July goal- reclaiming my hobby space


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So after finding myself working at my computer desk or gaming table (or on my lap) due to lack of space at my actual hobby table, I decided it was time to do some cleaning so I could go back to just sitting down and painting instead of spending time moving/balancing paints and partially completed project, which doesn’t inspire much creativity.  



an older picture back from when the painting table was usable...  the airbrush is in the unfinished part of the basement, with the hood properly vented to the outside.  


TV was moved onto a cobbled-together platform I made with scrap wood onto the desk.  Some Ikea Besta frames were added to the walls next to my computer table and above the painting table.

Content is not final as I need to sort out all my storage and display space, but it’s getting knickknacks off both desks for the moment. 




Unfinished projects or works in progress will go into the unit above the desk, freeing up space for whatever I’m tackling at the moment. 


 I might put some lights under the unit, but the ikea ones make pretty yellow light.  Will have to find a better alternative.  


Next up will be a drawer unit under the desk that will hopefully welcome the various paints, materials and things spread everywhere.   


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      StackaRack is a customisable plastic rack for miniature paints, designed to hold pots or bottles from any of the major manufacturers.

      Paint collections have a way of growing organically, and most of the current paint rack solutions out there are fixed to specific configurations, and made for a specific type of paint pot. If you're like me, and collect multiple brands of paint, that can make organising them a little frustrating, and so we thought we would try to fix that.

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      This is a look at the disaster of what the space currently looks like (you have been warned):

      Not pictured is the rather large corner desk, the Detolf shelves on the other side of the room, and the terrain taking up the closet.
      Here is the Ikea purchase from today that will help substantially with organization. (Two 3x3 Kallax shelves, three sets of drawers to fill three of the 18 cubes, two 6-drawer Alex drawers, and a countertop to go on top of the drawers)

      I may eventually get another 3x3 to stack on one or both of the others, and also may eventually get some doors and/or drawers for the Kallax shelves, but not yet. Ikea is a little over an hour away, so this combined with lunch and dessert was a decent amount of a day trip with the family.
      Wish me luck!
    • By Gadgetman!
      Earlier this year I stumbled on the IKEA Kasseby mini monter, and realised that with a bit of work it would be suitable for showing off miniatures... so I bought 2.
      (One for home and one for the office)

      These are almost exactly 50mm deep, and the inside is about 10mm wider and taller than the glass in the door. 
      So I grabbed a couple of sheets of 5mm Foamboard and hacked them into pieces. First a few that was 50mm wide and as long as the width of the cabinet inside, and some pieces that was 45 x 50mm. 
      Then a few that was 63mm wide and the same length. And finally a single really wide piece. And matching 45mm wide pieces to go with them. 

      That ended up being nearly 3 x A3 sheets of board.  
      Now to put it all together...

      One piece in the back first, then pieces at the sides. 
      You can use thinner board in the back, or even skip it completely if you want, but the gray foam looks so tacky... 
      (If you use thinner foam you will need to adjust the size of the pieces on the side from 45mm to whatever fits your boards)

      Then add a piece on top, another in the back, pieces on the side and so on.
      Note that I use 50mm wide pieces both as shelves and as backing for the lower levels. 
      I also don't bother adding a bottom layer. Some might want to add that. 
      Keep on building till you reach the top...
      Please note that there's absolutely NO GLUE used in this construction. 

      I actually didn't cut the board for the back and sides on the top until after all the other shelves were in place, to get a resonably snug fit. 
      Now you just close the door, hang it on a wall and start loading it up with minis...

      This cabinet can also be hung in landscape mode. 
      Then you'll need longer pieces, of course, and you will need the back pieces as they help carry the weight of the minis. 
      I picked 50mm spacing between the lower shelves because it was also the depth of the shelves, and I'm a sucker for anything that makes the design easier.... 
      If you have a lot of large Bones, or lots of 15mm armies, you just might want to pick other numbers.... 
      Finally  if you have many small minis that fit on tiny bases (20mm square bases, maybe) just cut a strip of 5 or 10mm thick foamboard about 22mm wide, and lay on top of the shelves, in against the back plate to stagger them. 
    • By Lidless Eye
      One benefit of our unplanned and sudden move is that we will finally have a hobby room.

      The first few displays were moved over first:

      Then came a lot more of the mess:

      Shelves have been set up, and a folding table arrived from Amazon:

      An older end table has been drafted as a paint and build station:

      Once it's finished up, I'll have to take shots of the whole set-up, but there's still a bit left to go.
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      Now that our new house is done and we are unpacking, living in it for 11 days as of the time of this posting. I wanted to go ahead and start up a WIP thread showing my hobby/game room and the WIP as the last few days I've been setting it up so that I can paint. My OCD won't allow me to actually paint (even though I have an area for it now) until I have the rest of the room cleaned up and organized!
      Let's start up with the original plans -

      And here it is after it was done, a blank slate!

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