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New Releases Aug 6, 2018 (metal)

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The following new release items have a release date of Monday, August 6, 2018
Dark Heaven Metal Fantasy Miniatures
03895___ Tianalise, Dreadmere Bog Witch by B. Ridolfi $6.99
03896___ Nagendra Warrior (sword & shield) by C. Lewis $11.79
03897___ Giant Weasel by J. Wiebe $8.79
03898___ Dark Dwarf Pounder by B. Jackson $6.99
03899___ Dark Dwarf Smiter by B. Jackson $6.99
03900___ Bog Skeleton Rising by J. Guthrie $6.99
03901___ Bog Skeleton w/Axe & Shield by J. Guthrie $6.99
03902___ Bog Homonculus by B. Ridolfi $7.49
Reaper Dungeon Dwellers
07007___ Dungeon Dwellers: Ragged Wound Orc Warrior by B. Jackson $11.49
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