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Nice! I really like the tombstone. I have several started...I just need to get the ambition to finish some. 

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Razor Cola :


Greenlight Ford Falcon XB Furyroad
Mesh : World Forge Games
Exhausts : StanJohansen miniatures
Engine : Dice Mechanics
Front wheels : another hot wheels
Front axle : paper clip
wheels and axle : vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984)
Heavy machine gun : Ramshackle Games
Pilot and gunner : Ramshackle Games
Rocket launcher : Ramshackle Games
Skull : Green Stuff World












Welly Peterbilt 359
Mesh : E-Bay
Exhausts : Evergreen tubes 1,6 and 2,4 mm
Engine and air vent : Dice Mechanics
Wheels : Zinge Industries
Machine guns : exhausts from another Hotwheels truck at a smaller scale ( 1/87)
Pilot & co-pilot : Ramshackle Games (yes they are inside and painted)
Chains : 3 mm Green Stuff World
Harpoon : Stan Johansen Miniatures
Compressed air system operator : modified taliban gunner S&S Models
Air bottle : Stan Johansen Miniatures

air Bottle wheel : fast snappener 4 mm
hose : hard drive cable stuff
other minis : Caesar Miniatures Modern urban resisters & Modern militia modified
Spikes on side : plasticard 1 mm
Front spikes : toothpicks
Flags : paper 80 gr
Masts : evergreen plastic rod
Loudspeaker : Dice Mechanic Games
Loudspeaker cables : painted wire
Bulldozer blade : Ramshacle Games
Windscreen cage : evergreen plastic rod 1 mm
Corrugated sheets : Evergreen
























Plaster castings Hirst Arts mold #326 (x 12)



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Looping Louis :


Hotwheels helicopter
Oil barrels : From a hotwheels truck (Humungus), molded, then cast in plaster
Landing gear, rotor et joystick : Evergreen plastique tubes
Pilot : Stan Johansen Miniatures
Other parts : Hirst Arts molds palster castings
Engine : Worldforged Games (modified)












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Trike & bike+ side-car :

Stan Johensen miniatures
Trike back crew conversion (german biker wwII for the body and one arm)





Bike + tracks :
German bike wwII 1/72 Armourfast
Tracks : plaster, Hirst arts mold #328
Pilot : Stan Johensen miniatures





Bikes :
Stan Johensen miniatures/german bike wwII 1/72 Armourfast/Micromachines bike
Bumper : plastique tube evergreen + landing gear from previous gyro + toothpicks






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      Hi everyone, i'd like to share the photos of my Cadirith, from Bones II.


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      An order from a friend : a complete Dark elves team (18 minis) + other stuff.
      Tota l : 26 minis for Bloodbowl
      Work time : 19h00
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      Préparation : scenery + minis (deburring, assembly, undercoat and so on) : 6h00
      painting scenery : 11h
      Painting minis : approximately 50h
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      Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016.
      Hope you like it.














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