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Razor Cola :


Greenlight Ford Falcon XB Furyroad
Mesh : World Forge Games
Exhausts : StanJohansen miniatures
Engine : Dice Mechanics
Front wheels : another hot wheels
Front axle : paper clip
wheels and axle : vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984)
Heavy machine gun : Ramshackle Games
Pilot and gunner : Ramshackle Games
Rocket launcher : Ramshackle Games
Skull : Green Stuff World












Welly Peterbilt 359
Mesh : E-Bay
Exhausts : Evergreen tubes 1,6 and 2,4 mm
Engine and air vent : Dice Mechanics
Wheels : Zinge Industries
Machine guns : exhausts from another Hotwheels truck at a smaller scale ( 1/87)
Pilot & co-pilot : Ramshackle Games (yes they are inside and painted)
Chains : 3 mm Green Stuff World
Harpoon : Stan Johansen Miniatures
Compressed air system operator : modified taliban gunner S&S Models
Air bottle : Stan Johansen Miniatures

air Bottle wheel : fast snappener 4 mm
hose : hard drive cable stuff
other minis : Caesar Miniatures Modern urban resisters & Modern militia modified
Spikes on side : plasticard 1 mm
Front spikes : toothpicks
Flags : paper 80 gr
Masts : evergreen plastic rod
Loudspeaker : Dice Mechanic Games
Loudspeaker cables : painted wire
Bulldozer blade : Ramshacle Games
Windscreen cage : evergreen plastic rod 1 mm
Corrugated sheets : Evergreen
























Plaster castings Hirst Arts mold #326 (x 12)



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Looping Louis :


Hotwheels helicopter
Oil barrels : From a hotwheels truck (Humungus), molded, then cast in plaster
Landing gear, rotor et joystick : Evergreen plastique tubes
Pilot : Stan Johansen Miniatures
Other parts : Hirst Arts molds palster castings
Engine : Worldforged Games (modified)












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Trike & bike+ side-car :

Stan Johensen miniatures
Trike back crew conversion (german biker wwII for the body and one arm)





Bike + tracks :
German bike wwII 1/72 Armourfast
Tracks : plaster, Hirst arts mold #328
Pilot : Stan Johensen miniatures





Bikes :
Stan Johensen miniatures/german bike wwII 1/72 Armourfast/Micromachines bike
Bumper : plastique tube evergreen + landing gear from previous gyro + toothpicks






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    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Now that my first Gaslands team is done, I am starting to work on my second: Scarlett’s raiders. Mechanically, this team works much like old pirate ships did- by transporting tons of rabble rousers that can hop off and wreak havoc after getting close to opposing cars. I thought a school bus was perfect for this, and it allowed me to practice my rust. I must admit, it is very freeing to paint a vehicle like garbage and not care if it looks messy.
      more to come. In the mean time, C&C welcome!
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      Check out HW Car with ^ gun included..!
      Has Mattel® heard of what you guys are doing with their cars? 
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    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      It’s been a long time since I have posted, and a lot has been going on. Last year my friend got me into a game called gaslands, which is a post apocalyptic death race game using Converted matchbox/hot wheels cars. The game is a ton of fun, but the most fun part is converting the cars. Over the next few days I’ll post what I’ve done so far. 
      In the game you get to choose a team which gives you a certain flavour. This team, Beverly of the highway, has a single corporeal car and a bunch of ghost cars that zip around. It seemed like a really neat idea, so I decided to make a team. Behold! 
      first up is Beverly herself. Took awhile to get the OSL right but I like it now.

      ghost car 1. 

      ghost car 2, a police paddy wagon.

      ghost car 3 with skeleton driver pointing at his next victim. 

      ghost car 4. You can’t see from here but there are chains trailing from behind.

      the team riding the wasteland roads.

      even when you’re undead, you need a glamour shot for the advertisers.
      It took me a long time before I was happy with the painted ghost cars. My first attempt was to prime white and do a thing coat of ectoplasm green, which actually worked great but left some uneven pools on the large flat surfaces. I added more chains and flames to break those up, but the second and third attempts went poorly, so I eventually coated green then dry brushed. Oh well.
      let me know what you think. C&C welcome!
    • By BananeDC
      Here is a foutain from Bones 4, painted, then forgotten on a shelf in my workshop...
      Water is epoxy resin with a drop of green ink and a drop of blue ink.

    • By BananeDC
      The big wyvern from Bones 4. Enjoy !




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