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Amazing stuff!  Very much appreciate the parts list too!  got my gang just starting to dabble in Gaslands (the rulebook is making the rounds and we started accumulating cars from our basements since the kids don't use them anymore).  

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7 hours ago, Rahz said:

Amazing stuff!  Very much appreciate the parts list too!  got my gang just starting to dabble in Gaslands (the rulebook is making the rounds and we started accumulating cars from our basements since the kids don't use them anymore).  

You're welcome :poke:

Personally i started with new models ordered on the net, because i really wanted specific ones (muscle cars etc), and then after, i started to look for interesting things in the sidewalk sales. Bought the truck from previous page half a euro/dollar from a kid. Usually you can find hotwheels at 1$/€ max in these sales. Or you can raid your children's if they don't use them anymore :;,;:

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Evil Bunny :


Majorette Truck and trailer, 2 x Majorette Mercedes 450 Se, Matchbox Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
Exhausts, steell, tubes, bars : Evergreen
Engine : Die cast Parts
Truck wheels : Zinge Industries
Armor: Green stuff world Double diamonds plasticard & Ramshacle Games

Spikes : plasticard

Miniguns : Hirst Arts mold #329
88 mm gun : Zvezda Flak 36/37 model kit
minis body parts : Zvezda, Stan Yohansen minaitures, Orion, Caesar
Driver : Armourfast

Co-pilot : S&S models
Barbed wire : ?

Off road bikes : Die Cast Parts

Bikers : Stan Yohansen miniatures with 1/72 wwII german bikers arms

Rabbits : Zealot miniatures

Sandbags : Javis sandbags

Ammo crates : ?

Car Wreck : another Hotwheels

AA gun : S&S models

Flags : Evergreen 1 mm & printed paper

Bunnies : Zealot miniatures (Twisting Catacombs)


Before :





























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43 minutes ago, Froggy the Great said:

Whoah, this is some great and inspirational stuff.  The 8yo and I are also converting way too many Hot Wheels cars.


What nominal scale are you using for humans?  I'm liking how 15mm looks.


Can you post stats and costs etc?


Thanks a lot froggy the Great !

The scale used with i:64 scale toy cars for humans is not 15mm but 20 mm, that is to say 1:72 minis. You can have a lot for a reasonable price.

A lot of info here :


I'm not sure about what you mean by"stats" but i'm gonna try to give some.

Time spent : i'd say more than 60 hours

Cost : well it depends : i have bought a lot of stuff but have a lot of bits remaining as well...That go in the bits box. I always want to have dynamic scenes and something like a diorama, but you're not forced to, and it will cost much less.

The real price is time : the more you think about the project as a general concept with a lot of little details added after (planned or not), the more it will lokk good and "post apocalyptic".

Let me know if you want more details ;)



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Golgoth 1


Fusion Between 2 hotwheels (don't remember the refs)

Bulldozer blade : Dice Mechanics Games

Exhausts : Dice Mechanics Games

Pilot and co-pilot : Ramshacle Games

Spikes : toothpicks

Barbed wire : can't remember

Lights ramp : Die Cast Parts

Mud : Vallejo thick mud

Front side armor : simple diamonds plasticards from Grenn Stuff World

Gun : plaster casted from Hirst Arts mold #326 (modified)










Golgoth 2


Fusion Between 2 hotwheels (don't remember the refs)

Crew gunner : S&S Models

Machine gun : Pieces from Hirst Arts molds #326 and #328, computer cables, and Dice Mechanics Games

Ram : Evergreen profiles

Exahausts : Evergreen 3 mm & 2,4 mm










RC Rat


Hotwheels Baja BoneShaker

Pilot and co-pilot : Ramshacle Games

Antennas : Evergreen rod 0,5 mm

Missile launcher : Steve Johansen miniatures and toothpicks

Top and back armor : double diamonds plasticard from Green Stuff World

Front wheels : Another hotwheels

Back wheels : Zinge Industries










Hotwheels Super Tuned

Engine : 3D printed

Machine guns : Steve Johansen miniatures

Front armor : Steve Johansen miniatures

Front bars : 0,5 mm evergreen

Front wheels : another hotwheels (plaster casted from self made mold)

Back wheels : Lego

ammo boxes : can't remember

driver : S&S models

Machine gunner : Caesar 1/72 Set H063 Modern Militia

Side & middle armor : double diamonds plasticard from Green Stuff World

Mesh : e-bay










Hotwheels custom '62 Chevy

Engine : Dice Mechanic Games

Missile Launcher : can't remember

Exhaust : Dice Mechanic Games

Ball of destruction : Evergreen tubes (mast), modified evergreen rod (hook), Green stuff wworld (chain), Dice Mechanic Games (spiked ball and round base)

Back wheels : another hotwheels (plaster casted from self made mold)

Front wheels : Word Forge Games

Side Armor : Steve Johansen miniatures

Side fabric : Steve Johansen miniatures

Jerricans : S&S models

Pilot : Ramshacke Games

Ball of destruction operator : Steve Johansen miniatures

electrical cable : painted wire







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      Now that my first Gaslands team is done, I am starting to work on my second: Scarlett’s raiders. Mechanically, this team works much like old pirate ships did- by transporting tons of rabble rousers that can hop off and wreak havoc after getting close to opposing cars. I thought a school bus was perfect for this, and it allowed me to practice my rust. I must admit, it is very freeing to paint a vehicle like garbage and not care if it looks messy.
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      even when you’re undead, you need a glamour shot for the advertisers.
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