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Corfu 2018 Vacation Pics by Glitterwolf


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As you know we went to Corfu ( Greek Island) for our vacation.

Let me bore you people with a few pics.


First of all, the efforts of MEOW and R.I.B.B.I.T. agents to stealthily follow us were in vain.

We saw you! @OneBootand @Froggy the Great




Greek Cities/ Architecture/Art and Historical sites, hope you enjoy it. The guy in the black hat you see from behind is the evil Glitterwolf himself!

For security reasons only pics from the back.





If you ever been to Greece and heard that chirping noise all the time?


This is one of those critters,





Red Dragonfly



And of course the main event, THE thing why I go to Greece, Lamb Kebab..my girl had Seabass..

Below that Mezes, a mix of several smaller treats..




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14 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

Alright... I'll be the first to say it, since we're all thinking it... @Glitterwolf is not nearly as furry as I pictured him :wacko: :lol:



Great pictures! The food ones look especially enticing :ik_oops:


You heard about werewolves right?

Now imagine demonic glittery werewargs and you're getting close.


The food was awesome.

I had Souvlaki of Pork Tenderloin, Lamb Kebab, Lamb Chops, Stifado, Mezes, Baklava, Icecreams, Zucchini, Eggplant, Feta and much more.



2 minutes ago, Pegazus said:


True, but I didn’t expect him to sport the spear and sword combo either. 


That would not be me...look at the guy with the black cowboy hat..



Since you all like food, an who doesn't?








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3 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Nice picts...now I have a new destination on my bucket list. 


I can also recommend Rhodos and Crete.

We have been there a few times as well.


The Greek Islands are wonderful, they live on tourism and it shows.

People are friendly, good food, great weather.

But you will also see some torn down buildings, poor people etc.


All in all a good place to be.

You can also take a boat trip to either the mainland of Greece or Albania.



2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I think I recognize/remember seeing a few of those sites.


You mentioned you have been there as well, I'm pretty sure some of these sites are real tourist magnets so I figure you will have seen some of it as well.


17 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Glitterwolf isn't as glittery as expected either. 


Nice photos! 



Wait for the full moon!


To stay in the mood, tomorrow I will cook a Greek meal for me, my girl and oldest vixen.

I will make a Mezes plate with all sorts of little Greek dishes.




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