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DukeNomadSm.jpg.53113835e9ff1217f5c9c39763b8b57a.jpg NICHOLAS, DUKE OF NOMADS

SYMBOLISM: Craftiness, ambition, facial tattoos
When reversed, do NOT give money to panhandlers today. When upright, today is a good day to look for treasure in the usual locations, particularly Hot Topic and your favorite hobby shop, but NOT used bookstores; to a Nomad, a book is something you use to level a table with one short leg.
QUOTE: "I have something in which you may be interested..."

FoolDragonlordsSm.jpg.8bfc3a1d45a856f2a04bb8a0f84c0d57.jpg PIFFLE, FOOL OF DRAGONLORDS

SYMBOLISM: Humor, fun, sheltered idiocy
When reversed, do NOT get into arguments online, and stay away from the comments sections. When upright, it's a good day to do something fun, but as always, avoid teh stoopidz unless you have a higher level of protection than most of us, who are bogged down with consequences.
QUOTE: "I say, I say, I say!"

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FoolWarriorssm.jpg.5b7587bb04e233c910d5528c9476c97d.jpg GAFF, FOOL OF WARRIORS


SYMBOLISM: Things not being as they seem
When reversed, expect to be dealing with someone who is difficult to deal with. When upright, expect to deal with someone who means to take advantage.
QUOTE: "Watch the red card, watch the red card..."



Runeswordsm.jpg.7387d8abfeb13787dd3154d70fd680f1.jpg THE RUNESWORD


SYMBOLISM: Strength, advantage, opportunity
When reversed, do NOT get into it with anyone who is armed. Otherwise, it's a good omen.
QUOTE: Pick any good Clint Eastwood meme.




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CountNomadssm.jpg.7fd21685ac6eb983e17b3da65a819bce.jpg ALPHEUS, COUNT OF NOMADS


SYMBOLISM: Versimilitude, exactitude, funny hats
When reversed, just give up trying to get anything exact. When upright, the time is right to complete work on SCA garb or paint the eyes on miniatures.
QUOTE: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

BaronDruidssm.thumb.jpg.09226eb4dc28fc5a1a6cd717e1607e0a.jpg MORGAN, BARON OF DRUIDS

SYMBOLISM: Dignity unaware of flaws, halitosis
When reversed, turn around, go back to the bathroom, check your appearance carefully, reapply deodorant, and brush your teeth. Otherwise, it's a good omen.
QUOTE: "What? What is it?"

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QueenWarriorssm.thumb.jpg.a4ab7e4dc9c5d26f8caef7ce8f5a0a0b.jpg URSULA, QUEEN OF WARRIORS


SYMBOLISM: Empowerment, horns, hairstyling
When reversed, make SURE you tip the waitress and remember the respect. Seriously. You'll be glad you did.
QUOTE: "Well behaved women seldom make history."



KingDragonlordssm.jpg.876e5e4ced04e2dea8fe01f1f4fa88ea.jpg BASIL, KING OF DRAGONLORDS


SYMBOLISM: Authority, regality, possibly the gout
When reversed, make sure you're eating a balanced diet and getting enough fiber. Upright, it means that today, the players get to EARN it, dagnabbit.
QUOTE: "Klytus, I'm bored. What plaything have you for me today?"

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PrincessDragonlordssm.jpg.25f0f2df6a3b1764164e7874ed3de402.jpg AURALIA, PRINCESS OF DRAGONLORDS

SYMBOLISM: Self esteem, nice clothes and the fantasy characters who wear enough of them. Patron of SCA garb and renfair outfits.
When reversed, it's a GOOD day for a chainmail bikini or a fur jockstrap! When upright, you feel good enough about yourself to WEAR such things. Sort of like "good hair day," but with clothes...
QUOTE: "Are there shoes with it?"



WizardWarriorssm.thumb.jpg.318694e4c9d4008f44576b6f178e57a0.jpg ELDRED, WIZARD OF WARRIORS


SYMBOLISM: ALL wizards symbolize magic. This one just also happens to symbolize grumpiness and contradictions.
When reversed, be prepared to be patient and exercise self restraint; the day can still be magical and productive! Upright, you might as well just go back to bed, unless you were HOPING for a day that was argumentative, magical and destructive.
QUOTE: "GET OFF MY [email protected]#%? LAWN! (Fireball!)"

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DukeDragonlordssm.jpg.7b7c8abce5a4cf3289f024c2f1a9a1cf.jpg EDWIN, DUKE OF DRAGONLORDS

SYMBOLISM: Calculated waiting, ambition, and treachery.
When reversed, it's a good day to ask for a raise. Upright, keep your back to the wall, lest your grandmother sneak up on you with a knife in her teeth.
QUOTE: "Of course, your majesty, a SPLENDID idea! (snicker)"



FoolNomadssm.jpg.20ac63dc7103ea2da4d01f29a08ddb75.jpg DIM, FOOL OF NOMADS

SYMBOLISM: Stupidity. Determined, relentless, stubborn stupidity.
When reversed, expect perseverance to overcome pointless obstacles. Upright, you're going to have to resort to misdirection or sneaking in the back door; someone does NOT want to hear it.
QUOTE: "Fill these out and resubmit, and we'll try to work you in by Tuesday."

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PrinceNomadssm.jpg.bc9eb2a93faef28ec4abb724923f4522.jpg ALEXIS, PRINCE OF NOMADS


SYMBOLISM: Youth, enthusiasm, preoccupation with one's looks.
When reversed, be prepared to use guile. Upright, the straightforward approach is the thing to use today.
QUOTE: "I CAN be a Jedi!"



PowerPlaysm.jpg.a8ff0167ff20597f0ec9208aa8ada95d.jpg POWER PLAY


When reversed, be very careful, lest the whole thing blow up in your face. If upright, the signs are auspicious for catching lightning in a bottle.

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FoolDruidssm.jpg.9d472adfe7c13250460759a3e4633b00.jpg THISTLE, FOOL OF DRUIDS

SYMBOLISM: Innocence, music, obliviousness.
When reversed, do NOT go grocery shopping today. Upright, go about your business, but pay attention.
QUOTE: "Are the beans in this aisle?"


WizardNomadssm.jpg.6df50d973419b00a33be6df2a01a349a.jpg SERPEUS, WIZARD OF NOMADS


SYMBOLISM: Magic, foresight, responsibility.
When reversed, expect to have to deal with something you don't wanna, and isn't your fault. Upright, a sign of power and auspiciousness.
QUOTE: "(sigh) All right, what's he done THIS time?"

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    • By Auberon
      Rayguns and Rocketships
      Painting pulp figures isn't really my thing, but this might be a nice resource if you do.

    • By Dr.Bedlam
      The story of the Santa Mouse began some thirty years back.
      Wife and I were, of course, poor as church mice while we Worked To Better Ourselves and finish up our Bachelors, get our certifications, and, y'know, have money and food and things.
      That was, of course, the Christmas that our little girl wanted the Advent Calendar, this thingy where each day before Christmas, you'd open a little door and there'd be a little treat behind it, as a buildup for Christmas. And, of course, as many of you who have been parents will know, Christmas is a heckuva time for parenting, because the kids have to have the Christmas magic, and yet the rest of the world wants PAYING for it, a thing which, at the time, I was not well equipped to do. There was a tree, there were presents, there was a dinner -- we had the basics covered -- but durned if this advent calendar thing didn't throw me for a loop, because it wasn't inexpensive, and I had no budget for it, and why they stick that stuff out there to tantalize the kids AFTER all the budgeting is done?
      And lacking funds, I fell back on ingenuity, and had her write a letter to the Santa Mouse.
      My darling little girl cocked a cynical eye at me and said, "Santa Mouse?"
      "Yeah, write a letter to the Santa Mouse."
      "And this Santa Mouse is distinct from Santa Claus? In what way? Elucidate," she said.
      I might mention that while my little girl was a sweet little toddle-darlin' with stars in her beautiful big brown eyes, she might have been a bit precocious.
      "Well, sweetie," I began in the proper dadly way, "You know Santa Claus. He's the Big Guy, with the big job of manufacturing toys, as well as brokering deals with major toy companies for specific high demand items, and operating mass delivery systems via reindeer, UPS, Amazon, and the post office, and the like. But like any big corporate deal, he has subcontractors."
      "Right..." said my little moppet.
      "And that's where the Santa Mouse comes in," I said. "Bein' a mouse, he is ill equipped to bring bicycles or Barbie's Malibu Dream House to your stoop; that's not his job. What Santa Mouse does, now, is he handles the small stuff, spaced out daily from Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve, he rides with Santa to deliver the last small item, and assist with cookie eatin' duties and suchlike."
      "Small stuff, spaced out daily," said my little girl, having immediately locked onto the salient facts in the narrative. "So, basically, chocolates, small toys, and suchlike?"
      "Yups," I said.
      "So Santa Mouse serves the same function as an Advent Calendar?"
      "Pretty much," I said. "But he's not the mass operation that Santa is. You have to contact him directly, and contract for the services."
      "And what criteria are in the contract?"
      "You have to write him a letter, care of Santa Claus, and ask. You have to give mommy and daddy a kiss before bed, and you have to be good, as per Section C of your Santa contract. And you have to leave the Santa Mouse his own cookie (or a piece of cheese) on Christmas Eve before you go to bed, to conclude the contract."
      "That doesn't sound particularly tough."
      "I leave it to you, my little darling."
      And so she wrote Santa Mouse and asked if he wouldn't please include our home in his daily routine, and gave me the letter to mail, because even though she was far from stupid, she WAS still a child, and certain observances had to be met. And so, the next day, I informed her that Santa Mouse had faxed me his response (it was the eighties, gimme a break,) and that daily services would depend on her ability to locate the Santa Mouse icon that he had provided me; he would be hiding it every night, somewhere in the living room, and it was HER job to FIND the thing and lay claim to the provided goodies what would accompany it.
      "Was this included in the contract?" she said doubtfully, examining the fax.
      "I assumed you were agreeing to the terms when I signed off on it as your proxy," I said. "Don't you remember our conversation about contract negotiations? If you didn't want to authorize me as your proxy, you shooda said so." And she sorrowfully agreed that one should always read the fine print before signing anything, sure. It's never too early to start on certain life lessons, you know?
      "So what do I need to do?" she asked.
      "Just leave the little Santa Mouse figurine in front of the TV," I said. "Each night. If it's there, he'll pick it up and hide it somewhere, and in the morning, you can hunt for it and see if he left you anything." And my little girl dutifully did just that, and upon searching the living room the next morning, found that the Santa Mouse figure was over on the bookshelf with a Fun Size Snickers bar, a thing she found quite acceptable...
      …and our rather odd December commenced.
      Now, at this point, the reader is no doubt wondering what the heck is going on. This is because I haven't explained it yet. Y'see, a while back, Reaper Miniatures began the manufacturer of these lovely little Santa Mouse pewter figurines, right? And as a collector, I bought and painted one, and this is what Little Darlin' was putting in front of the TV every night, and her mother and I would hide it in the living room along with whatever candy or goody I could scavenge from someone's candy dish at work, or whatever was in the bottom of her mother's purse, or whatever I could get out of a gumball machine with the coins I could find in the couch cushions. I make no apologies. Any poor person will tell you it's easier to come up with thirty bucks gradually on a daily basis than it is to do so all at once for a dumb overpriced advent calendar.
      Each day, she’d clamber out of bed and begin an examination of the living room until she found the little red Santa Mouse sitting atop a Fun Size M&Ms bag, or a pack of gum, or whatever. I did have a bit of a skid one day, when Santa Mouse was sitting atop a Happy Meal toy from McDonalds; I’d grabbed a quick bite there the previous day and had saved the toy for just this purpose.

      “It seems curious that Santa Mouse would reutilize secondhand merchandise,” my daughter mused.

      “The little plastic bag was still sealed,” I replied. “It was new merch, purchased from McDonalds, no doubt; even mice have to eat. McDonalds is, after all, the number one toy distributor on the planet. And when one is benefiting from a localized magical phenomenon, it is unwise to question the mojo, yes?”
      She had to agree with that, and the matter was dropped.

      As December went on, she did ask about Santa Mouse’s methods of operation. Did he use a sleigh? Perhaps he used Santa’s transport and tackle, to warm it up for Christmas? How does a mouse manage a full sized sleigh?

      I replied that he did not, that he instead used a gold plated roller skate, repurposed as a mouse sized sleigh, and pulled by a friendly enchanted pair of skunks, who could not only fly, but keep predators at bay while Santa Mouse did his job, as no sane predator would mess with skunks.

      “And how does he manage all the candy and toys on one roller skate?”

      “Same as Santa Claus does: magic bag.”

      “What are the skunks’ names?”

      “Barney... and, um, Clyde,” I said, thinking fast. Fortunately, she did not question this, and the conversation turned to other topics.

      By the time Christmas rolled around, Wife and I were pleased to note that we had spent under ten bucks on Santa Mouse, less than a third of what they wanted for the advent calendar, while providing hours of amusement and fascination for the child. And we were greatly touched when on Christmas Eve, she insisted on making a special little sandwich for Santa Mouse (Squeezy Cheez and Swiss on Ritz Cracker, with parsley sprig) to fulfill her contract with this strange and magical entity.

      I WAS just gonna eat the thing, but Wife insisted that I uphold the magic, and therefore I ate about half of it, and then made a great many little mouse sized bites out of the remainder with a hole punch, which I later had to clean the Squeezy Cheez out of, to my slight irritation. But it galvanized the Sproglet the next morning to see that Santa Mouse did indeed take tiny bites, as opposed to what Santa’s daddy-sized dentition took out of the Oreos.

      And thus a tradition was born.

      Years later, in college, she got around to asking me, “That first year with Santa Mouse?”

      “Eeeeyes?” I replied over my book.

      “Santa Mouse was all over the living room, hiding candy and toys?”

      “It would seem so.”

      “How many cats did we have at that time? Five?” she said, eyeing me for a reaction.

      “As I recall, Santa Mouse has a posse,” I replied smoothly. “Barney and Clyde, the magical skunks, specifically to keep cats at bay.”

      “What about Mr. Magoo?” she asked, referring to a cat we had had at the time. “Magoo was dumb enough to think he could make friends with a pit bull,  and was in love with one of your socks. You think a couple of skunks would have slowed him down?”

      “Well,” I said, “what was the second lesson we took away from our experience with Santa Mouse?”

      The Kid frowned at me, and recited: “Always read the fine print?”

      “The SECOND lesson,” I said.

      She frowned  again. “When one is benefiting from a localized magical phenomenon, it is unwise to question the mojo.”

      “She remembers,” I said with a smile. “Plainly, I have fulfilled my purpose as a parent.”

      And I guess I did.

      Funny thing about this story? It's largely hooey. Anyone who knows me can check the dates, and say, "Dude, when your little girl was a little girl, Reaper Miniatures didn't exist yet. And by the time Santa Mouseling was in production, she was in college already." And this is true.

      But one year at work, I gave out hand painted Santa Mouselings, and they went over quite well, until someone wanted to know the STORY behind them. And, durnit, I can't turn down a request for a story, just because there actually isn't one, particularly when I'm already three cups into the spiked eggnog. So the first version of this tale was born. And now, every year at work, the Old Hands watch me like a hawk to make sure the new hires, at Christmas time, get their little Santa Mouseling and a printout of the story; it's a tradition now.

      And durn, I sure wish they'd start making Santa Mouseling in Bones...

    • By Sylverthorne
      Once again, the pen ink calls, inviting one and all to participate.
      That's right, it's Inktober time, and the prompts are flying thick and furious.
      Lessee; I've got seven prompt lists handy, and if anyone's got more, feel free to post 'em.

       ... I got two of these from Twitter, the rest from either googling or following links. 
      The general rule from the Official Prompt List is 'pen and ink, one drawing a day', but I am certainly not holding anybody to that if they don't feel like they can do it.
      I also bravely ignore the 'pen and ink' rule, but I don't necessarily suggest my slapdash 'pick something from a list and go after it with whatever media amuses me' method, either...
    • By TripleH
      New books be Dave Taylor, one of which features Aaron Lovejoy, Matt Dipietro, and Elizabeth Beckley of Miniature Monthly and others.

      If you would like to just get two of the three books, the best way to do so is to pledge for one of the books, then increase your pledge total to include the Add-on price for the second book below. 
      We will be using BackerKit as our pledge manager and that's where you'll have the opportunity to make those specific choices. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or by messaging me here on Kickstarter.
      THE ART OF…
      For more than 30 years I have spent a great deal of time talking with hundreds of artists who paint miniatures – for fun, for a living, for relaxation – and I am always intrigued to learn more about their philosophies, approaches, and processes. Some of these artists have spent decades refining their technical skills, while others bring their “traditional” art training to the miniatures world. Some draw inspiration from the most unusual of places, while others find it in popular culture turned on its head.
      THE ART OF… series of books will highlight fantastic miniatures artists from around the world, bringing their thoughts and passions to stand alongside their magnificent and inspirational work. We’ll be featuring both individuals and groups in this series, as we explore innovative approaches, studied refinements, and even tangential influences.
      These books will be both a celebration of the artist and their art, as well as an opportunity for them to present their thoughts on particular topics and let the world know why they approach their art the way they do. These will not be “How To” books, but rather complements to their existing outlets work that the artists are already doing.
      This is just the beginning of THE ART OF… series. With so many wonderful miniatures artists, there is so much potential to explore.
      Volume 1 – THE ART OF... Miniature Monthly
      Miniature Monthly is a collective of three professional painters from the US – Aaron Lovejoy, Elizabeth Beckley, and Matt DiPietro – who have a Patreon (Miniature Monthly) producing painting tutorial videos. All three are (or have been) studio painters for a number of different companies and they each bring something different to the table. This book will be a high-quality, softback artbook of 128 pages.
      Aaron will cover:
      • Creating a team/collective – looking at The Painters’ Guild and Miniature Monthly
      • Striking a balance between Speed and High-end painting
      • Freehand – Adding depth and texture
      Elizabeth will cover:
      • Smooth Skin – featuring work on the Kingdom Death minis
      • Chibi Art – how painting chibis differs from “standard” miniatures
      Matt will cover:
           • Ancient methods with infinite possibilities.
      • The Art of miniatures, – Finding your voice and engaging with the audience.

      Volume 2 – THE ART OF... Christof Keil
      Christof Keil (aka k03rnl) is an artist from Germany who has made a name for himself with his incredible kitbashes and conversions and his work to turn 2D artwork into 3D pieces. Christof’s day job as a blacksmith working on enormous metal sculptures has given him a precise eye for balance and motion. This book will be a high-quality, softback artbook of 96 pages.
      • Kitbashing – a focus on anatomy, balance, silhouette
      • The Black Phalanx – a kitbashed project
      • Sculpting – creating reliefs and busts
      • Painting Black – an exercise in mimicking the masters
      • Black Templars – recreating the John Blanche art of 3rd Edition

      Volume 3 – THE ART OF... Ana Polanšćak
      Ana is a professional miniatures painter from Croatia who is widely regarded for her world-building miniatures art. Her converted and sculpted miniatures blend seamlessly with her terrain work to create dark corners of worlds that beg to be explored – at your peril. This book will be a high-quality, softback artbook of 96 pages.
      • World Building – a focus on selecting a starting point and key developments. Working on your own worlds and collaborating with others
      • Gardens of Hecate – a world created by Ana
      • AoS28 – Hosting the LEGEN and the Sunhold campaigns
      • Sculpting – What it’s like to turn concepts into physical sculpts for the miniatures market, and the reliquary/artifact creations
    • By Iron
      Hello friends
      We want to show you our next Kickstarter Exclusive campaign on October 13, with 5 models of hygienic and reusable masks with up to 85 washes, with exclusive illustrations by David Daza
      Rising Creature model:

      This is the link to the Kickstarter campaign
      Soon more news
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