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Village Map :: Waymeet


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House organization is at an all time max chaos.


So, I haven't had time to finish organizing my stuff from my office coming home and the wife gets promoted from teacher to admin.  She cleaned out her classroom and added her stuff to mine at home.


I have put some effort into mapmaking.  It takes up way less space.


I present ... Waymeet.  




A village near the edge of a forest at the southern end of Markshire :: Kingdom of Ice my campaign world of 25 or so years.


I introduced the village at the end of my persistent world in Neverwinter Nights even though it's been on the map since the beginning. I hope to start some new adventures using the Dungeon World system and basing them out of Waymeet instead of Foothold.




As you can see, there's a considerable distance between the two.  While Waymeet isn't as key a location as Foothold, it will serve as a great starting point for this new take on my campaign in a different system.


Enjoy.  I will be adding more about the village and likely some interior maps as I go.

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I had started to detail the Dimmaskog Forest which is the forest to the west of Waymeet.




I paused in the process of this map with an idea for Stada Jarfi, the Cobalt Druid Circle.  I drew this on Father's Day and was inspired by the concept of a circle of large cobalt stones.  




Each of the stones is a large hunk of cobalt.  The central stone sits embedded in purplish granite dais with veins of the cobalt running through it.


The druids who tend the circle live nearby while many of their order travel all of Markshire.

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Going back to the main map of the forest and Waymeet's vicinity I decided to start on the orc lair for the Soaring Eagle Clan.  This splinter clan moved into an ancient spire of rock in the middle of the Dimmaskog Forest.  The broken peak of the spire was inhabited by eagles.  Originally settling at the base of the spire the newly formed clan performed the blood oaths to brand themselves a new clan and chose the eagles above them as their shield totem.


Now this was an area in the NWN game I made for use with Fane Village to the north.  The original layout was very basic and tight because of the game tileset.




There wasn't much and the house placeable was used because there wasn't much available for buildings.


The new layout looks like this so far ...




As you can plainly see it is a bit more detailed and much more interesting already. 


I think my favorite feature will be the cave hive at the north end of the basin walls above the Nest.  Many of the clan's eagles have created nests in them.  I will finish those details next but I used these types of formations as a reference...




Enjoy and stay tuned.

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