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Dallas Toll Roads

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33 minutes ago, kitchen_wolf said:

Ask them to pull the photos.  I got hit up for a toll in Dallas a few years back (while stationed in Washington with orders to prove it) - the automatic reader had the wrong plate and wrong make of vehicle.

It had the pic of my truck, hard to argue that. 


2 hours ago, haldir said:

From DFW to whatever hotel Reaper has chosen that year, we've always have avoided the toll roads using Google Maps.




I used the Google Maps app for directions and from that as far as I could tell I avoided them.


Funny enough it's from Reapercon 2017.

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There are toll roads on parts of the non-toll roads that make it hard to discern. Also, Google maps was crap for avoiding tolls. <_<


Belt Line/Main goes around Dallas and Northwest Hwy is a decent connector but... that's all I know.

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Having driven up I-35W from Fort Worth to Denton just a couple weeks ago, I can say that all the toll lanes are left-hand exits only.  As long as you stay in the middle or right hand lanes, you should not be accidentally forced onto the toll portion.

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