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Anyone basing?

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I got a source locally that gives me as much sawdust as I like (I only got 3 gallon ziplock bags and they were upset it wasn't three 50 gallon trash bags). So i'm going to be making some homemade flocking to bring we should definitely get together it's something ive been wanting to learn! 

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1 hour ago, knarthex said:

Here is a primer that I wrote a while ago on basing....


should I bring my Happy Seppuku stamps?

If you want to make bases with green stuff, and or other putties?


Provided it doesn't make my bags over weight of course...

I will be bringing my green stuff and have heard of that company and the stamps it'd be interesting to see

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10 minutes ago, Clever Crow said:

Come by my spot at RCon and I’d be happy to show you a few tricks. 


And some day take one of his classes! I learned a lot in the one I took last year and hoping I get as much out of the "Let's Get Stoned" class this year.

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