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Painting Competition Block - You can get it done!

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You know me from such forum posts as:






As the convention approaches like a steamroller, the eyes glaze over and the hands begin to shake, there is no way you can possibly finish all the entries you have planned for the competition. You come to the immediate conclusion that you cannot possibly finish any of your entries in time. You have entered the competition version of painter’s block!


I see posts in the forums every year about people not being able to finish their entries for one reason or another. But I tell you there are options!


1)    Reduce the number entries you are working on. Seriously look at the entries you are working on and immediately reduce the number by half. That will make things look more doable. Here are a few suggestions to help you make those decisions.

     a.    As much as you love that diorama idea, if the base isn’t ready then it’s the first thing you drop. Dioramas are serious time sinks.

     b.    If the conversion work isn’t ready or your super nifty basework isn’t done, then drop your Open entry. This is another example of a serious time sink, cross this one off the list.

     c.     If you are not “feeling” one of your painter or ordnance entries it is time to set it aside and concentrate on the one(s) you like. You paint work is invariably better on a piece that you enjoy working on.

2)    Instead of working on a new piece look at other miniatures you have completed in the last six months. Chances are there is something you really like there and instead of working on the new piece work on improving one you have already finished (who knows maybe it doesn’t even need extra work).

3)    Instead of working on an entry for each of the manufacturer awards make the hard decision and pick one or maybe none at all. [This is a corollary of #1]. Note that if you are painting a Reaper mini you are always in consideration for a Sophie Trophy.

4)    Not entering means not getting feedback from the judges on your work. If you really want to improve then critical feedback is what you need.


Seriously in the end just enter something even if it is not the piece you originally intended on entering. While the Reaper forums are a nice place to show off, it is a notoriously bad place to get real, make me cry, feedback on things you can improve. It’s a friendly supportive community and sometimes that’s not what you need when you are trying to break that gold medal barrier.

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I retrieved a couple from the ruins of my house to bring and see what they get.


I'm pretty sure Bertokk isn't gonna get a sophie unless every other painter falls deathly sick, though.


Hmmmm... who wants a sammich?

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    • By Ludo
      Per Izzy,
      If you picked up either of the Art Books in the Bones III and IV kick-starters and would like to get them autographed, be sure to bring them with you to ReaperCon. Izzy will be signing them when time allows. 
    • By Heisler
      I have started the process of contacting various miniature manufacturers about providing prizes for their miniatures that have been entered into the Reaper Con 2019 Painting Competition. I will update this first post as the various manufacturers let me know what they want to do. I'll take requests of companies to contact up through the end of April.
      First up is not an actual manufacturer award but I think a little variety is a good thing.
      Chibi Gamers Award
      Sponsored by Chibi Gamers (they have a facebook page) is the first annual Chibi Gamers Award. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be handed out to the best three Chibi miniatures (chibi's from all manufacturers will be considered) in the 2019 competition. The intent is for this to be an annual award so when in doubt paint a Chibi mini!
      Paint It Pink

      One in nine women will get this terrible disease in their lifetime. This has become close to home in our community this past year as one of our own is still fighting. 

      Can you create a piece of art that depicts one of the many facets of breast cancer? From awareness, support, education, hope, research, treatment, survivorship – breast cancer has touched almost everyone in some way. 

      Help us raise awareness through minis! Entering this contest simply says you care. A donation of any size is requested to enter. All donations will go to support breast cancer awareness and will be made in the name of the winner. 

      Oh, and a trophy... there will be trophies for the top 3.
      Manufacturer Awards
      (will fill in as manufacturers commit)
      Bombshell Miniatures
      Bombshell Miniatures presents the 2019 Golden Maelee Awards. This is a Sponsored Award section of the annual Reaper Master Series Open Painting Contest. We are very pleased to announce that this year Bombshell Miniatures will be awarding ALL its eligible entries with either a copper, silver, or gold medal. In addition, the top three entries overall will also be awarded our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Maelee trophy.
      To be eligible for these awards, entries will need to feature at least one or more Bombshell Miniatures as the prominent subject. This can be anything from Babes, Sidekicks, Kritterkins, to robots, or busts. Each entry will be judged on its own merit of painting execution, presentation, and skill.

      Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible.
      Frozen Ninja 3D
      The best Frozen Ninja 3D miniatures across all categories.
      1st Place $100
      2nd Place $50
      3rd Place $25
      Dark Sword
      Dark Sword Diorama Category:

      $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for best Dark Sword Diorama
      $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Ribbon for 2nd place Dark Sword Diorama

      Dark Sword Single Miniature Category:

      $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for best Dark Sword Single Mini
      $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Ribbon for 2nd place Dark Sword Single Mini

      Dark Sword Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals Open Category:
      Can be either a single miniature or a diorama

      $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for best Critter Kingdoms
      $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Ribbon for 2nd place Critter Kingdoms
      Dark Sword Young Painter Category (Age 13 and under):
      Can be either a single miniature or a diorama

      $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for best Dark Sword Young Painter
      $50 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Ribbon for 2nd place Dark Sword Young Painter
      Tiger Lily Anthro Pug (ReaperCon 2018 Swag Bag Dark Sword Mini) Special Category*:
      Can be either a single miniature or a diorama including the Tiger Lily Anthro Pug Mini
      $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for best Tiger Lily entry
      $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Ribbon for 2nd place Tiger Lily entry

      Jason Wiebe and Jim from Dark Sword are working on creating something fun/cool to give to each entrant as a thank you for painting up the Tiger Lily tribute mini. As we get closer on the gift item, pics will be posted here and shared on the ReaperCon forums. 

      In addition, $300 cash will be offered to purchase one of the Tiger Lily entries from its painter to give as a gift to Jason Wiebe so he can have on display in his home in honor of the late great Tiger Lily. This will be something we go over the entries with Jason Wiebe on to find his favorite entry (which might differ from the prize ordering above). Please note - this purchase of the entry would be above and beyond any prizes won in the overall ReaperCon painting competition and the Dark Sword Mfr. Awards. And this is optional for the painter if approached (as a painter might want to keep the piece for their own collection). 

      * Any entry with the Tiger Lily Anthro Pug Miniature in it will automatically be put in this category as it relates to Dark Sword judging of the entry for the prizes listed above. The only exception to this would be the 13 and under category as the entry will be allowed to be judged in both and receive benefits from both categories. 

      The Dark Sword Miniatures Manufacturer Awards are open to all painters. To be eligible for the prize support listed above, the entries must be new entries, never entered into any other painting competitions. In addition, no entries can be commissions from Dark Sword Miniatures for painted studio models. This means Dark Sword studio painters can enter if they so desire, but their entries must be brand new creations not commissioned from Dark Sword and must also adhere to the eligibility requirements above. Please note - Dark Sword entries will also get the coveted "double dip" from being part of the overall ReaperCon painting competition as well. So one entry can potentially win multiple prizes/awards!
      Galladoria Games
      Galladoria is presenting a $100 First Prize for the best painted Galladoria Miniature in the competition and a $50 price for the runner up. They attended Reaper Con last year under the name Forge Prints. 
      DGS Games
      DGS Games will present manufacturer’s awards, DGS Master Crafter Coins, to participants in the Reaper Con Painting Competition in the Painters, Open, and Diorama categories.
      DGS will award a gold, silver and bronze coin to the top three participants in each category who made use of DGS Games models as their subject.
      DGS Games models may be converted but the conversion must employ only scratch materials or materials from other DGS Games models.  Models or parts of models from other manufacturers may not be used in any entry wishing to be considered for these awards.
      DGS Games will identify a panel of judges to award the Master Crafter Coins.  Each entry will be judged on its own merit of painting execution, presentation, and skill.
      Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by DGS Games are ineligible.
      Scale 75
      Scale 75
      Best Scale 75 Historical Figure or Bust
               $25.00 Coupon to our web store. 
      Best Scale 75 Fantasy Figure or Bust
               $25.00 Coupon to our web store. 
      Best Smog Rider (CHIBI)
               $25.00 Coupon to our web store.
      Bet Scale 75 piece overall piece by a junior
               $25.00 Coupon to our web store.
      Talon Games (CAV)
      Best Individual CAV Model: Any single-model figure.
      Best CAV "Squad": This category allows for multiple models (minimum four models) as part of a cohesive unit.
      Best CAV Diorama: This category covers models with a scenic base where the entry is telling a story to the viewer and may include multiple models.
    • By Heisler
      There are quite a number of threads regarding the Reaper Con Painting Competition. As Labor Day tends to get here at the speed of light I thought I would create a short index to the various threads. There is a lot of information useful to both the beginner and the veteran competition painter here, so pick a thread to start with and come join the fun!
    • By Heisler
      This is the third in a series of four posts each concentrating on a different entry category. You can find information about the scoring system itself in the Painter Division post. From here forward I will just concentrate on how the component guidelines apply to the other three divisions
      Diorama Division
      The Diorama Division does not exist in the MMSI structure. At MMSI a diorama goes into the Open Division as it encompasses the same set of skills. I, however, felt the Open Division ignored or down played the story and what is a diorama without a story?  This is the division that lets you show off the same skills that the Open Division does and wrap it around a story. Again if you have just a single entry then the judges can just go ahead and score your entry, no discussion is necessary. If you have multiple entries, then there will be a discussion between the judges on which entry they want to score. That conversation is typically the only conversation although these discussions tend to be longer than they might be in the Painter Division.  However, when selecting the scoring entry the conversation is still based on “I can score this one higher than the others” or words to that affect, till they come to a decision just as it would be for the Painter Division. 
      Let’s take a quick look at the scoring guidelines the judges use (which is published as part of the MSP Open rules. One cautionary note’ these particular scoring guidelines may change slightly):
      Difficulty: 15%
      Creativity: 15%
      Workmanship: 25%
      Painting Skill: 30%
      Presentation: 15%
      What does this mean for the Diorama Division? In this division we are really want to see all your hobby skills as well as your story telling ability. While the components remain the same the emphasis has obviously changed a great deal.
      Difficulty: This is a tough one for the Diorama category, since most dioramas are difficult to begin with. We reduced the emphasis here because we feel that you should not take a hit for a good story that is comparatively simple to tell.  
      Creativity: Creativity steps up a bit here.  While painting is still factor this is the portion that shows us the story you are telling. Now painting is combined with your ability to convert, sculpt and tell a story to your audience. The entrant’s imagination comes into play here, you are looking to tell a story to your viewers. You are striving for the audience to understand your story without commentary from you. It can be subtle or in your face but if you have to explain it then you have not succeeded.
      Workmanship: This remains a pretty straightforward component but in the Diorama Division there is a higher emphasis on it. It reflects how well constructed the entire piece is. Any type of non-painting effort is represented here. This is includes your ability to do conversions and/or scratch sculpt or at least be able to blend your miniatures in with the scene you have constructed. A missed mold line, poor assembly or a poorly executed conversion could easily drop you a while numeric value in the scoring.
      Painting Skill: Everything that was said about painting still applies in the Diorama Division but there is less emphasis. At this point workmanship and creativity components exceed the painting component. While we don’t expect your abilities to be exactly equal in those areas you cannot count on your ability to paint alone to carry you over the top.
      Presentation:  There is more emphasis on the is component as well. You are building the entire entry, essentially from scratch, and the presentation of everything you do affects the story. From the miniatures to the setting, this is where it all comes together. How you present it can be the difference between gold and silver.
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