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4 hours ago, Iridil said:

I like it - my only critique is that the pic is so dark its hard to see all of the figure's colors.


Thanks Iridil! That has been a consistent problem for me, one I haven't been able to fix despite trying a bunch of things.  The lighting in my house is really bad, but I bought a lamp to try to help out when I take pictures.  Clearly it isn't working very well.  I've seen some pretty neat "light boxes" here, but my efforts to build my own failed pretty comically.  It's actually at the point where I haven't shared a lot of my painted figs because they look pretty crappy in the bad light.  I'd appreciate any advice on remedying this!

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  • It's likely that the pictures are dark because you're using a white background. Digital cameras pick their exposures based not on how much light there is, but in an attempt to make the frame of the shot close to a medium gray. When you have a very light background, the camera will lower its exposure to bring that down to a medium gray and when you have a very dark background, it will bring the exposure up to the same medium gray. Other stuff in the image will then be too dark (for a white background) or too light (for a dark background).
  • You almost certainly don't want a lightbox. They aren't especially useful for photographing minis, because they mostly put light on the top and sides of the mini (normally). Top and sides is great for photographing shiny products, but not so much for minis, which is basically tiny portrait photography. Instead, put one light to each side of the line between the camera and the mini, as close as you can while keeping it out of the frame. Because of the automatic exposure algorithms mentioned above, absolute brightness is less important than having the same color temperature, so use the same kind of bulb in each light.

For more, see http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55357-miniatures-photography-101/


And if you're going to be at ReaperCon, look me up* if you have any questions.


*Or take the photography class I'm teaching. :poke:

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Thank you for the advice, Doug!  It is very much appreciated!  I'll mess around with all of this over the weekend after I run the D&D game. 


As much as I'd love to learn more in person, ReaperCon isn't going to happen for me this year.  It is definitely a goal of mine to make it eventually though!

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